Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Election Day Eve!!! Practice Voting!!!

Tomorrow night, we will know.

Tomorrow night, we will learn whether there is still a chance to recover as a nation before the subtle effects of Obamacare and EPA regulations and the IRS-as-health-insurance-Monitors and re-institution of estate taxes and failure to extend the Bush tax rate cuts start us down the track to hell on an express train.

I don't care whom you actually vote against; just DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO HAS EVEN ONE LIBERAL BONE IN HIS BODY!!!  (and I use the word "his" in its traditional, generic sense that includes both genders as a reference to humankind, not as a reference to someone who has external plumbing, so don't vote for women with liberal leanings either.)

Moogie is very, very serious about this.

Just think about the potential ramifications when the libs lose control of Congress -- Pelosi loses the Speaker's chair, and speculation has it that she might retire when that good turn of events transpires!  Unable to return to the ranks of commoner Congressmen, she'll retire and go home to San Francisco!  Maybe even in Coach!  I promise to offer to buy a Coach Class ticket for her from Reagan National to SFO as a lovely parting gift.

So, even if it's raining cats and dogs, make yourself get out and vote.  Just tell yourself that your vote can help send Nancy home in Coach.  Then, go do it!

New Orleans has an 80% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow.  We're hoping that the rain will keep the Libs at home.  Or, at least, melt them before they reach the polls.

Go!  Go warm up your fingers and start practicing pushing those buttons!


  1. Moogie, I shall be there when the doors open. I vote at an elementary school, and hate kids, so I try to get it done before the little chirren arrive.

    Dr. Fleming, and David Vitter will win easily, I'm pretty sure.

    Supposed to rain here, too. Cao really needs to hold that seat, and rain will be good for him. I know he ain't great...but in the majority, he might shift right.

    Good luck.

  2. I surely wish I could cast a vote for Fleming instead of against Richmond!

    I vote at Sophie Wright. I hope the buses don't get me!

  3. Your post title has an ENTIRELY different meaning for Democrats. I'm thinkin' of the ol' "early and often" thang.

  4. Yeah, unfortunately, Buck. I think that's one reason why elections are held so close to Halloween -- to make it easier on all the dead folks who are called back to vote Dem.

  5. That's what Huey said..."When I die, I want to be buried in Louisiana, so that I can stay active in politics."

  6. You're so mean. If your plan goes through, some totally innocent traveler will have to sit next to Nancy in the crowded coach section all the way across the country.

    Shame on you! :)

  7. I'll bet Huey has voted a hunded times since his demise, Andy!

    We'll just have to check the credentials of the passengers and make certain Madame is seated in the middle seat, between two extra-large registered Democrats, Inno. They deserve each other.