Monday, November 22, 2010

Battle For The Boot Week -- The Beginning

A little happiest-day-of-their-Cajun-lives in Houma.

From an Arkie living in Tigerland:  Happy Hogs v. Tiggers Week -- the Battle For the Golden Boot!  It's on!

Stolen from Walton & Johnson via The Blog Hawgs.
(Sorry about the insurance commercial.  We actually have USAA at Moogie's Mansion.)


  1. HOLEE KREP! That's un-bee-leeb-able!

    Wow. Post o' the Day, fer sure.

  2. Further... I think the war's over before it even begins, Moogie. Andy won't even to be able to come close. All that's left is the acual game, about which I shall remain neutral.

  3. I don't know, Buck. Andy's a pretty good researcher!

  4. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! Nope! Can't even pitch in that league, Moogie!


    However, it's worth noting that Houma is actually one of the most Conservative cities in the State, and I understand a great place to live.

    Shazzzzaaaam! The bride herself was enough to get me giggling. I'll bet she could break Mallet's neck with a helmet to head collision. But the whole deal has started me laughing, and I can't stop. Really.

    LSU 31 - Arkansas 9

  5. Somebody please cure my ignorance... How does one differentiate between Cajuns, Creoles, Coonasses and ordinary LA rednecks? Up here in Oregon we don't have that many subspecies so it gets confusing for me.

  6. Inno, a "Coonass" is pretty well the same thing as a Cajun. One must hail from (or have family from) the Acadiana region of Louisiana (and have French ancestry).

    Acadiana stretches from Lake Charles, over to just West of Baton Rouge, and not quite as far north as Alexandria. However, Coonasses live all over the Southern part of the state...and some of 'em have migrated north, and east over into Mississippi.

    Creoles are generally mixed race folks. Not all are city dwellers, but there are large concentrations in New Orleans. In fact, Wiki pretty well gets it right.

    It's interesting to me that Louisiana has a looooooooong history of mixed-race marriage, especially in the Natchitoches, and New Orleans area. I mean, a long one. Seems I read once that the creole population was something like 10% of the state in the 50's when the civil rights struggle began.

    Louisiana Rednecks is what I'm is. North of Alexandria, it's just regular old hayseed hick rednecks like me. White Anglo Saxon Protestants whose culture resembles Texas, and Arkansas much more so than South Louisiana.

    We clear now?

  7. Interesting. I think I'm more of a "North of Alexandria" kind of guy, too.

  8. Excellent dissertation, Mssr. Andy!

  9. Inno, from what I know of you, you'd fit right in. Come on down!

    Moogie, thank you very much ma'am! Hey, y'all be careful out you noted, yellow/green sky...not good.

    Enjoy the feast...and y'all's butt-whuppin! ;)

  10. Pepper refers to himself -- in Arkansas vernacular, of course -- as a "ridgerunner" and me as a "city gal." The latter is not necessarily complimentary!