Sunday, November 28, 2010

Musings on a Lazy, Saintless Sunday

Still strutting my Razorback thang and contemplating the very real possibility that Moogie's Mansion could be converted to an impromptu Bed & Breakfast on Sugar Bowl Eve.

Dear Lord, central Arkansas is glorious in the fall!

I wonder if all those folks we saw near War Memorial Stadium hours after the game was over -- the ones Pepper referred to as DCRs (Drunks Crossing Roads) -- made it to wherever they were trying to go?

Dogs with access to a big picture window are easily entertained.

Pizza is sounding pretty tasty right about now.

Wooo Pig Sooooieeee!!!!


  1. Dear Lord, central Arkansas is glorious in the fall!

    Indeed it is.

  2. I think you're allowed one full week of gloating in the initial round, and one 24-hour period during Bowl Week. Make the most of it!!

    Dogs can also be LOUD at picture windows, too. Just sayin'.

  3. They were awesome, weren't they! Back atcha, Cuz!

    You still can see it in your memory, can't you, Andy?

    Dogs are definitely loud at picture windows, Buck. Especialy one of our granddogs -- a young boxer. And I believe I shall take you up on your observation about gloating entitlement -- but I think I may defer a few days to Bowl Week. Maybe.

  4. Congrats for the V over Lose-iana State.

  5. Thanks, Inno! It was indeed glorious.

  6. Thanks a lot Inno. The Lose-iana deal really hurt.


    And, you do this to a guy who hopes to high heaven that your Beavers pull an upset??? sigh...

    Well, I guess I had it coming for that little spat we had that WE'VE BOTH forgotten about. Nyuk...

    Actually, I've got divided loyalties on the O/State game. Two great blog buds on the opposite side of the bleachers. But, it would be exciting to see an upset...and I'm actually OFF WORK to watch it.

  7. I wonder what a battle between a real beaver and a real duck would look like? I'll bet the beaver could take the duck -- let's hope tat is the case!

    Enjoy your time off, Andy! Treat yourself nice!