Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Giving Thanks

In keeping with the "Thanksgiving Comes First" movement, I decided to do a good deed today in anticipation of next week's Turkey and Thanks Day for someone to whom I owe a good deal of thanks. 

You might recall that our black lab, Bouie, has trained the UPS Guy to give him treats, regardless whether he's making an actual delivery to our house.

A few weeks ago, I saw the UPS Guy making a pick-up at a local pack-and-ship place, and I waved.  As he was preparing to leave, I also saw him giving a treat to a big, black standard poodle who was doing an energetic "happy dance" while bounding in and out of the van.  I cracked up.  The UPS Guy grinned and said, "Please don't tell your dog I'm cheating on him -- with a poodle."

So, to let him know there are no hard feelings about his infidelity, and to show my gratitude for his kind heart and creativity (and knowing that he'd be making a delivery today because of that stupid, non-specific robocall yesterday), I got a little gift for him.

He cracked up.  Then he opened the box, gave one to Bouie, and handed me my wine delivery.

I think everyone was happy.  It's a good day to give thanks.