Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Battle For the Boot -- A Little Historical Hoggish Perspective

This might be a little too painful for you, Andy.  You may want to skip this post.

All home games in Fayetteville before 1989 were day games because Razorback Stadium wasn't outfitted with lights until then.  So, the cheerleaders always looked forward to the night games in Little Rock at War Memorial Stadium -- the crowds in Little Rock were much more "willing" (read: well-lubricated and overserved) to get into the "spirit" part of the game.  That's no longer necessarily the case.  Razorback Stadium has now been introduced to the Don W. Reynolds Foundation -- Mr. Reynolds was the guy who made it possible to upgrade the stadium with a bunch of goodies, including a JumboTron so large and bright that it interfered with air traffic going to Drake Field when first installed. 

The following picture, however, was taken at the old Razorback Stadium, before the Southwest Conference imploded, on a date that isn't particularly relevant to today's discussion.  Let's just say sometime before 1989.  Yeah -- this picture was taken sometime before 1989.  We'll just go with that.

This is the picture that graced the pages of the football Programs sometime before 1989.

Do you recognize anyone who might be Moogie?  (Hint: there are no girls standing to Moogie's right.)

This is Tusk!  He is one in a succession of pretty mean wild boars who have served as the Razorback Mascot --

The cheerleaders ride atop of Tusk's cage as it is hauled around the track in the stadium before the game, calling the Hogs to get the crowd warmed up.  When Tusk is awake during this little tour, it's a good sign for the Hogs!  Moogie has sent an alarm clock to be installed in Tusk's cage before this week's LSU game.

War Memorial Stadium replaced its late-60s astroturf with natural grass in 1995.  Here is a chunk of it, cheered upon by Moogie and later acquired in a silent auction at some charity event, that hangs in a prominent spot in Moogie's Mansion --

The glass looks like it needs cleaning.  I'll get around to that at some point.

Tailgating is infinitely more fun in Little Rock at War Memorial than in Fayetteville, I don't care what anybody says.  And, Moogie will be in that number this Saturday!  The Son and his family, daughters, SIL#1 and SIL2B will be there, along with 100,000 or so of our closest personal friends.  Here are Moogie and daughters at the 2002 game where the Hogs knocked the Tiggers out of contention and replaced them as the SEC West team in Atlanta.  I do believe it's our turn again!

(Ooooh -- Moogie's roots needed a little touch-up!  Please disregard Moogie's roots.)

So, we'll all be there together again this weekend, and we'll kick back and watch on the big screen as the Hogs trounce the Tiggers 34 - 10.

Yep -- Razorbacks, 34 - 10, over the LUSers!

You saw it here first!


Now, as a touch of lagniappe, and so we don't lose sight of the lunacy emanating from DC -- especially in the travel arena -- here's today's stolen video, courtesy of Moonbattery.

(* Woooo Pig Sooooiiiieeeeee!!!)


  1. D'oh! On my display it is hard to see that "Q&A Session" is a link.

  2. Heh. Yep, that would be our Les.

    Have you ever noticed how Les claps? He claps kinda lioke a pre-schooler with his fingers all spread out.

    That would explain a lot, such as his regular inability to read a clock.

  3. Forgive me, Dear Moogie, but you are SO much more ravishing now, as opposed to then. I'm thinkin' Pepper is a most fortunate guy.

  4. Oh, do y'all play this weekend, too?

  5. Inno: Les Miles is one of the oddest characters to corch college football since...well...

    Of course, he's not as odd as Houston Nutt, but we don't really classify him as a college football corch, since he spent his last several years at Ole Miss, and stinkin' Arkansas.

    Moogie, that is some cool stuff! Really, way cool. And, you haven't changed a day, except for becoming "beautiful," rather than just "cute." So...what Buck said, and in spades.

    Actually, I did know that there were no lights in Arkansas until 1989, when the TVA finally caught up to y'all.

    Good hist'ry there, gal! Lookit, y'all have a safe trip, a fabulous feast, and good times with the youngsters. Are y'all gonna put an apple in that ugly thing's mouth before y'all cook it for Thanksgiving?

    LSU - 31 - Hawgz - 9. Book it.

  6. Yeah, Paul. The network pushed our game to Saturday to build the suspense of the impending Tigger slaughter and gave our former Friday to some Bammer schools (War Eagle -- never dreamed I'd hear myself say that out loud!). Is your team playing, too?

    I guess you would know a bit about Razorback trivia, Andy, being a fairly recent turncoat and all. ;-)

    Thanks for all the kind words, gents! I shall store them and drag them out to show Pepper at an opportune moment! Happy T'giving Eve!

    Thanks for all the kind words, gents! I shall store them and drag them out to show PeppEr at an opportune moment!

    Happy Turkey Day Eve!

  7. Trying to post on a phone in a moving car is quite an adventure, hence the double last paragraph!

  8. Here's one to cheer you on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w4GuxCJ3ZE&feature=player_embedded