Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hillary: The Twenty-first Century Teflon Candidate

This is apparently now what appears in the AP style manual  (the slayer of the Oxford Comma) in the section defining "innocence" or "Who? Me? What'd I do?"

Also apparent is the Media's latest shift in their strategies to effect Clinton-spin. From Hot Air

So even if Hillary Clinton never “intended” for sensitive information to be exposed, keeping it outside of the normal storage and safeguards of the government is more than sufficient for a case to be prosecuted. But the fundamental premise of saying there was no malicious intent is still dishonest in and of itself. Whether she cared for it or not, Secretary Clinton was aware that there was a State Department email system in place and available for her use. When your employer provides such a communication system for the employees it requires an active decision on the part of the employee to go out and hire people to set up a completely independent server in their home and keep it’s contents away from the prying eyes of the public. If she had restricted her use of that server to nothing but personal correspondence with friends and family it would still have raised some eyebrows but I believe she’d get a pass on the entire malicious intent question, but that’s not even remotely what happened. She was intentionally doing public business on her private server and it doesn’t require a psychic to figure out why. She didn’t want the public or the press to know about it or have any traceable records.

Still, as I referenced above, that’s not the question at hand. The lack of intent line is just a red herring. Prosecution under 18 USC 793 only requires that the information wind up being outside of its proper place of custody. You can argue the intent angle all the live long day but it doesn’t change the fact that the law clearly appears to have been broken. Whether the Justice Department (under the thumb of one of Clinton’s biggest campaign surrogates) decides to do anything about it is another question.

Bless her heart. She didn't mean to cause no trubbles.
I'm fairly certain that General Petraeus was of the same mind. Not that that did any good, or anything, for his defense. He was convicted in a Federal Court, and in the court of public opinion, barely escaping having to appear before a Court Martial, losing a star in the process.

I'm about as fed up as I can get with "standards" vs. "Clinton standards."  But then, I've lived in Arkansas during most of the Clinton era so I'm ahead of the game in recognizing Clinton adoration-blinders when I see them.

It's time for the rest of the country to WAKE THE EFF UP and smell the BS.

Yeah. Fat chance.

(Sorry for the language. Hillary brings out the worst in me.)

Happy Derby Day and Mother's Day Eve.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cruz Out, Kasich Out . . .

. . . it looks like it's time to start thinking about lemonade.