Friday, November 26, 2010

Battle of the Boot Eve

Razorbacks 34 - 10 over LUSers.  Believe dat.

And, after last night's come-from-behind-after-blowing-a-huge-lead Saints victory over the Cowpokes at JerryWorld, I am indeed a true believer!!


  1. Heh. Nice shirt.

    Buck, reporting from Switzerland.

  2. Let me hear a little "Edelweiss," Buck!

    Woo Pig, Cuz!!!

  3. Moogie, did the Saints play already this week?

    I'm praying for your Hawgz. It'd be a real bummer for some of 'em to get broken bones, or even die, and still lose 31 to 9.

  4. Hey, gimme your prediction. Auburn, or 'Bama?

  5. Auburn by 1. (hosted a party and couldn't make the blog rounds. Ain't hindsight a wondrous thing?)

    heading out to the tailgate to be in that number when the Hogs go rooting out a bunch of LUSer Tigger interlopers!