Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Open Letter to Nancy

Dear Soon-to-be-Ex-Speaker Pelosi: 

Since you will no longer be needing the services of military aircraft when traveling, as promised, I have made arrangements to tend to your needs for future air travel. 

You will be flying in Coach Class, in the middle seat, perched between a plus-size SEIU "operative" with an aversion to bathing that he "masks" with a liberal splash of Patchouli and a Teamster's wife who will be constantly breast-feeding their colicky infant twins who, by the way, are also subject to chronic ear infections.  No need to thank me -- it's the least I can do.  No, really, it's the very least.

No, wait.  Just one more thing. I do have a suggestion as to what you can do with that gavel now that you won't be needing it anymore. . .  .

Most very sincerely,

ADDENDUM:  This video on Michelle Malkin's blog shows you what liberal Democrat voters are capable of when confronted with differing opinions and loss.  Warning -- the first guy's rant consists mainly of epithets referencing intimate relations with one's maternal parent and unpleasant racial slurs.  Holy. Crap.  I posted the link instead of the actual video because it's really bad, but I think it should be seen.

H/T to Namaste.


  1. Are you SURE about the SEIU dude's fragrance? I think they prefer Brut. Or English Leather. Just sayin'.

    Otherwise... I think you have a brilliant future as a travel agent. OTOH, I've dealt with your type before and did NOTHING to deserve that sort of thing. The experience made me think that violence IS the answer.

  2. You saw through my ploy, Buck! I'm driving her to violence! She'll be arrested, or at least tazed by a Sky Marshall -- free in-flight entertainent.

    And you're probably right about the fragrance thing. Probably Brut.

  3. She'll be arrested, or at least tazed by a Sky Marshall -- free in-flight entertainment.

    Well, Dang. I wanna be there... can you forward me the details once the arrangements are firmed up? Or better yet, book me on the same flight? I'd be FOREVER in your debt.

  4. I'll see what I can put together.