Thursday, November 4, 2010

Seismic Activity

I can see 2012 out my window, and I'm liking what I see!


  1. Yeah. That's what I meant to say. SHeesh -- I'm tired!

  2. Nice graphic. But seriously, tho... the Tea Party needs to get some religion and/or sense where selecting candidates is concerned. Fiscal conservatives coulda had the Senate, too with a little more discretion during the primaries. Just showin' up and sayin' "Hey! I'M as conservative as it gets!" ain't good enough.

  3. I don't know, Buck. I really think the losses are very minimal considering the machines that the losers faced.

    I'm not sure that it would have been nearly as good a night had it not been for the Tea Party fervor.

    The truth is that the nation is still pretty well 50/50 on most issues. The difference (and we saw it Tuesday, and also in Nov. 2008) is emotion, and motivation.

    There will always be union machines in Nevada, California, etc., and Ethnic Machines in urban areas, and Snob Machines in wealthy suburbs that will prevent a true conservative from winning.

    My fear for The Tea Party is that it will become "too organized." At this point, it is still a "movement." And, "movements" make a lot of mistakes. But, they are often preferable to "institutions" in my book...especially at such a crucial time in our nation.

  4. Andy. Dude. Reid just barely squeaked by. Nearly anyone with an (R) after their name... except for Angle, a bonafide nutcase... would have beat him like a step-child... he was and IS that unpopular and deserving of defeat. Same sorta thing in Delaware, too, but to a lesser extent.

    I hear what you're sayin' and I think the Tea Party is a good and healthy thing, as long as the TP-backed nominees are people like Rubio. Americans are wary of people they perceive to be wackos by definition. And Thank God for THAT.

  5. Sucks, don't it?

    I mean, even Reid, and Boxer(whose pictures are next to "wacko" in the dictionary) can still retain power by painting normal folks as "weird."

    I hear ya', Buck. Really, I do. We're on a precarious rope bridge in politics right now. And, there are certainly going to be some mis-steps.

    But, I'll disagree with you about Reid. The guy owns Nevada. The deck was stacked ahead of time. I firmly believe that he would have beaten ANYONE. Actually, I figured early on that even if it was close, it would end up like a Franken deal, and the courts would hand it to him.

    Harry was no more going to lose in Nevada than Cuomo was in New York...or that Joseph Cao would beat the black guy in LA-2. There is just some turf that is not up for grabs.

  6. The thing about "The Tea Party" is that there is no THE tea Party. It's a confederation of like-minded groups -- Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, We Surround Them, and others. So, in that respect it is still just a "movement." But I think we saw in this election that it is getting too "organized." Media demand a "Voice," and producing a voice requires having a leader.

    One thing that Pepper and I like about our local group is its promise not to endorse any candidate as a group. We contribute and support as individuals. I think what we saw in Nevada and Delaware are indicative of the need for Tea Parties not to endorse. And Sarah Palin can do her own thing if she chooses, but not in the name of a Tea Party.

  7. That's a damned good observation, Moogie.