Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not-so-Mysterious and Pride

So there was a mysterious, unexplained let's-dance-all-around-it contrail spotted and videoed off the California coast last night.   Just some 30 miles off the coast, some say.

I know what it was.

Young Kim Jong Un is feeling frisky and wanting to stretch his 27-year-old, 4-star General-ish muscles.  Even though he's not an Admiral (that we know of -- yet), he apparently has command authority over the NorK submarine fleet. 

That has to be what it was -- NorK missile fireworks to entertain the Young Un.

And to send a message to our Young President who will be visiting Young Un's backyard shortly.  I hope the State Department is paying attention.

On another hand, some friends threw a "Going to Officer Basic Farewell Party" for The Son on Sunday.  I was in Little Rock and actually got to attend!  He'll be at Ft. Sill -- that's close enough to be able to get home for Thanksgiving, a long Christmas break, and occasional weekends until he finishes up in April.  I'm pretty proud of him -- and of his precious family for supporting him.  So, these are Moogie's kids -- a pretty handsome group if I do say so myself!

Good luck, Kiddo!  Cock some cannons and kick some butt!


  1. Best of luck! Man, I have only been on base at Fort Sill once, but that place is HUGE! And, I hope he likes polo.

  2. Congrats. That is indeed a very good, all-American looking family.

    Hey! I'm trying to comment on your blog and I keep seeing a new mail notification, and it is you commenting on mine! Gimme a sec, OK? :)

    When a NorK submarine goes into silent mode, that means the slaves that are pedaling the propeller have to be extra quiet.

  3. I live 45 minutes from Ft. Sill, and do some occasional shopping in Lawton. Just holler out if you need anything while in the area.

  4. Cock some cannons and kick some butt!

    Amen, and Amen!

    Moogie, I know that you and Pepper are just extremely proud...and with good reason. Our love and prayers for the (not so young anymore) man!

    One question: How did those little rascals get grown so quick?

    It could have been a NorK missile launch, but I doubt it. This thing went UP.

  5. Congrats and good luck to The Son! I know how proud all y'all are.

  6. Thanks, all, for your kind words of encouragement and offers of assistance! He's all settled in and eager to get it in gear. Of course, his wife sprained her arm the very first day he was gone by throwing some brush over their fence. *sigh* It's gonna be a long 5 months!

    Y'all are probably right, Inno and Andy -- I doubt whether the NorK slaves could blow hard enough to get a missile to go straight up!