Saturday, October 30, 2010

A True Halloween Scary Story

I'm living a Halloween spooky story.

For the last 3 days, a mockingbird has been perching on the burglar bars across our dining room window and pecking at the glass.  Tap.  Tap.  Tap.  Kinda like Poe's tell-tale heart. 

On Thursday, he tapped just during the morning hours, but yesterday he went at it most of the day, episodically.  I figured that he saw his reflection or something he liked in the dining room that appeared to be on the glass -- we do have quite a few decorations up, including giant spiders.

It has been kind of annoying -- the mockingbird likes to awaken and get busy tapping out his cadence a bit earlier than I would like.  On several occasions, a blue jay would light on the fence behind him and stare at him, cocking his head from side to side.  When I entered the dining room, the mockingbird would flutter off right away, but the jay would hang around a bit, giving me the eye.

This morning, the tapping grew louder.  When I went to see if he was doing anything differently, he wasn't at the dining room window but the tapping was still being pounded out.  I followed the sound, and there he was -- sitting on the outdoor kitchen window sill, tapping away.  He took off when he saw me.

Shortly thereafter I was sitting outside with the dogs when it hit me.

Have I ever mentioned that Moogie's Mansion is home to at least two ghosts?  Yeah.  It's a long story that I'll share someday, but we like our ghosts -- they protect us.  Usually.

Anyway, it hit me.

That bird must carry the spirit of someone who lived here long ago and might have a connection to get in.  Someone who really wants to come inside.  Someone who has a blue jay companion.

Well, now I'm bound and determined that Mr. Mockingbird must stay outside at all costs.  My Mama (who was just a titch superstitious) taught me long ago that a bird in the house is an omen portending a death in the family.  And the blue jay has long been known as a servant of the devil.  Put the two together, and you have the potential for some pretty unpleasant goings-on.

Did I mention that my niece and great-nephews were in a head-on collision Thursday morning on Highway 70 heading towards Hot Springs at just about the time that bird started tapping?  A collision that killed the other driver who crossed over the centerline and smashed full-speed into my niece's car?

My great-nephews suffered only minor air-curtain/seatbelt abrasions and my niece had successful surgery to repair her broken foot yesterday -- she should be released from the hospital tomorrow or Monday.  We are eternally grateful to the guardian angel who was riding shotgun beside her.

But, I'm telling you -- there is no way that bird is getting into my house.  Especially not before we get through All Saints Day on Monday.  I'm taping pictures of roasted birds onto the windows to scare the sucker off.

Pepper says it's a good thing I'm an old wife if I really believe this because it would make a great old wives' tale.

Me?  I'm just sayin' . . . .


  1. Oooh. That is a good one. And it's present day, not some legend from 100 years ago.

    I have a Walther .177 air rifle that is nearly silent and will flat-out ruin an annioying bird or squirrel's day. Lemme know if I need to FedEx it down to you.

  2. Yeah, guys, I'm totally creeped out. And he's still at it today, but now he's taking a flying leap!

    I might just have to take you up on the air rifle, Inno!

  3. First thought while reading: Hitchcock. But this is waaay beyond that. I'd be creeped out, too. I'm glad your niece and GNs are OK.

    And I love your kitchen window. Does it get direct sun?

  4. No direct sun, Buck, it's a true southern exposure on that side of the house, but it gives me a lot of light and a view into the little back courtyard.

    I'm kinda reacting like I would to Hitchcock's "The Birds" -- the little scudder seems to be stalking me now, showing up at different windows all around the first floor.

    Thanks for the well-wishes -- my niece was released from the hospital today, but she's got a long recovery ahead of her.

  5. re: your kitchen window. It was the beveled glass that caught my eye, and I know how that sorta glass can divide sunlight with spectacular results. From a past life, of course... ;-)

  6. Yep -- it can make for some pretty views, like tat rainbow on my bedroom ceiling I posted about!