Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pumping Up the Razorback Nation

Please take note of the most critical lyrics: "then go down to Little Rock to beat LSU!"

With a Wooo and a Pig and a big ol' Soooiieeeee, the Hogs are coming, striped pussycats!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


  1. That's a cool video, Moogie.

    Interesting story...well, maybe.

    Hank Jr. was born in Shreveport, when Hank was a regular on the Louisiana Hayride. Actually, Hank & Audrey lived in a little house on Modica Street across the river here in Bossier when he was born.

    My Granddaddy owned an appliance and television store in Shreveport, and sold the first color television EVER sold in the area to Hank (I think it was a Westinghouse...coulda' been an RCA, not sure). It was a special order, as they actually had not yet even been manufactured...color TV was still just a concept.

    Unfortunately, Hank croaked before the TV ever was shipped. Sad.

    But, Hank Jr. still remembers his roots. Now, Modica Street is just two streets over from Andy's Place here on Whittington (we live in an old neighborhood). There was an old dago grocery store at the corner of Modica & Barksdale Blvd. called "Cascio's." Old man Cascio sold it about 10 years ago to Arabs (but, they're cool...they smoke, and drink, and have an American flag on the beer cooler)...but, he ran the joint from the 50's until then.

    Okay, I'm getting lost here. Somehow, Hank Jr. remembered old man Cascio from his childhood. One time when he was doing a concert here in the area he stopped by Cascio's store just to visit the old man. They struck up a great friendship. For years, every time Hank Jr. was anywhere near Bossier City, he'd come by to visit. Old man Cascio had pictures up on the wall in the store, signed by Jr., etc.

    Hank Jr. is a helluvaguy. Now, why in the world he would have any particular affection for Hawgz is beyond me. Other than the fact that back in the day, Shreveport/Bossier was more "Hawg territory" than it is now, I don't know enough to figure why...except to sell some records in Arkansas.

    I mean, his Daddy was from Alabama, his Mom was from 'Bama, too. He was born in Louisiana...Dunno!

    Regardless, he's wrong. One of them lines is "you can't beat the Hawgz..." Ummmm...well...I follow things pretty close, and I really don't remember an undefeated Hawg team. They mighta' had one, so don't quote me.

    But, Jr. did take A LOT of drugs back in the day, so we'll give him grace. It's a good video, though.

    Y'all be careful, and have a fabulously, blessed time with the kids.

    LSU - 31 - Hawgz - 9

  2. Back atcha, Buck (albeit a little delayed! Have some turkey anywayt -- it's good for you!)