Monday, November 15, 2010

Congressional Shenanigans Are Getting Tiresome -- UPDATED

UPDATE -- GUILTY!!!  Guilty on 11 counts by consensus, you self-righteous, pompous, slimy, oily-haired reprobate!  Suck on that for awhile as you contemplate your ignominious future.

Bring on Maxine!!!

Standard definition of "Hand in the cookie jar" -- "If someone is caught with his or her hand in the cookie jar, he or she is caught doing something wrong."

Pictorial definition of hand in the cookie jar:

Just who the devil does he think he is?!?!  How can one human being possess so much gall to complain about how "his family has caught hell," and to suggest that the 27-month investigation is somehow a calculated mistreatment of the Royal Rangelness?  And, then, he strides out of the hearing before proceedings begin like a petulant little boy. Once again, the hand in the cookie jar analogy leaps to mind. I wonder why?

Plus, have you ever noticed how politicians always seem to have some "legal defense fund" to finance a defense to charges of wrongdoing against the taxpayers?  A fund that they are permitted to do fundraising to supply?  How about taking out a signature loan or mortgaging some property or, heaven forbid, dipping into your savings?!?! 

Next up?

I guess we can harbor little doubt that the ol' race card will be trotted out, saddled up, and ridden like a racehorse in Maxine the Mouth's hearings.

Watching how we handle them with kid gloves, and watching how we continue to elect them and their ilk, I'm convinced that we have unwittingly annointed our career politicians as a regal class in America.  That, folks, is sad. Very sad for us.  And it must stop.


  1. I'd still despise them if they just came out and said, "Yeah, I did it. Got swept up in the DC fame & power thing, did some stupid stuff. Guilty as charged" but at least I could respect them a little.

    But excusing themselves with unending "I didn't know it was unethical to [fill in the blank]" as though we were total morons, geez, it ticks me off.

  2. I'm-a gonna hafta buy me one o' those Race Cards - that seems to be just like a Get Out of Jail Free Card!
    What's that you say? I'm not allowed to have one? Oh, that only works one way, huh? Disgust.

  3. Doesn't it, Inno. It's getting to the point where hearing certain voices or thinking about what certain politicians get away with, and knowing that they believe it's their privilege to get away with it, literally makes my stomach hurt. Maybe there's a provision in Obamac are to take care of that -- everything else under the sun is in there.

    Yeah, SCott. Sorry. You're a white guy. No "cards" for you. At least I have two X chromosomes -- so sometimes I can play the "little lady" card (and did from time to time when I was practicing law back in the early good ol' boy '80s in Little Rock!).

  4. I didn't think the panel would find him guilty. I'm betting he'll be censured, at best. Too bad they won't rip his buttons and epaulets off, break his sword, and drum his ass out of the chamber. Or hang him.

    I'm not feelin' all that charitable today. Can you tell?

  5. Commenting on the Update. I could not have said it mo' better myself. And, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

    I'm thinking they have to at least vote to expel him now. It'll be a close call as to whether they do. But, I think Pelosi, and her "most ethical Congress" self has to do this.

  6. Oooh! Rip his buttons and epaulets off, break his sword then expel his ass out of town on a rail with Pelosi driving the mule train! After tarring and feathering, of course! I suppose drawing and quartering would be just a little harsh. Rats.

    I fear that none of the above will happen, though. I think you're right about the censure thing, Buck. Poor, poor Charlie -- getting his wrist all slapped and stuff.

    There's an outside chance they could vote to expel -- the Chair of the hearing committee took great pains to detail how very difficult it was to convict, but she also emphasized that the committee wants to start a new era of "transparency" and ethical behavior. It'll be truly interesting to see what goes down. I just hope whatever it is, the smarmy smile is wiped off his face.

  7. " It'll be truly interesting to see what goes down. I just hope whatever it is, the smarmy smile is wiped off his face."

    That in and of itself would be a beautiful thing - worthy of a snoopydance. I'm ready.