Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hands Off!

Gotcha!  You thought this was gonna be a rant about the TSA molestation policy, didn't you?  Nope!

This clock is in the City Council Chamber at the New Orleans City Hall.  You'll note that it has no hands.

I can't decide whether it has no hands because we're too broke to replace them, or to keep the people there to do the city's business from clock-watching . . . .

Or because New Orleans is a "timeless" city.  Heh.

Any ideas?


  1. I'll vote for "timeless city" and give 'em the benefit o' the doubt. We're MUCH more charitable today, mainly coz it's gonna be an outdoor Happy Hour here on The High Plains O' New Mexico. Does a body GOOD, that does.

  2. If it were here in Oregon, I'd have said that some tweeker stole them. They take stolen/scavenged metals to the scrap yard to make enough money to buy another bag of meth.

  3. Good for you, Buck! Enjoy!!

    You have a point, Inno. Maybe the hands were made of copper -- we have lots of brazen copper thieves around here. But they usually cook their own meth.

  4. Well, it could be like the Post Office. A few years ago, the Postmaster General ordered all clocks removed from post offices in order to not fuel frustration of customers as to the "I've been standing in this line for 45 minutes" thing.

    I don't really know if that's true...could be an urban legend...but I know that there are no clocks in the two post offices that I frequent.

    Not knowing where that particular handless clock hangs, I can't make a good call on why it is handless.

    So, my guess is that City Council members do not want to be hindered by time constraints when they start talking.

    It's kinda like the lame old joke that Baptist preachers told from the pulpit when I was a kid growing up: "What does it mean when a Baptist Preacher looks at his watch?...Absolutely nothing!"

  5. You might have nailed it with the no-time-constraints-on-politicians thing, Andy!