Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Leak Begone!

Ahhhh, the delivery of city services is a thing of wonder to behold!  Yep, you guessed it -- the Sewerage and Water Board finally showed up today to fix the leak at the water meter.

You remember that leak -- I first introduced you to it on June 11 when we got a $436 water bill.  Then I updated the scenario on July 9th when the enormous bill was (sorta) corrected, but no repairs had yet been effected.  I next brought you up to date on August 10th to let you know that the gas and cable folks had painted stuff on the street 15 days earlier, telling me that the S&WB should be there within 10 days.

And today is September 1st.  The entire city has been paying for that leak since I first reported it to the S&WB in, oh, about March. 

I sent Pepper an email this morning to let him know that work was happening and he replied, "I saw the truck rolling around the corner Monday, and was afraid he had missed the spot – but apparently supervisors don’t have to get out and look at things."  Heh.

A few hours later, when the deed had been done, I sent him another email:  "This has been a hoot. They changed out the bad meters, but it took 2 enormous trucks, a backhoe, and 5 guys to do it. Then they washed off at the fire hydrant they had opened an hour or 2 earlier."

I have no idea why they needed a backhoe on site, but they apparently opened the fire hydrant so they could bathe later.

Of the 5 guys, 2 actually worked on replacing the meters, one had to keep the big pump truck in place by leaning on it, one carried around an ice chest, and the last guy watched the others.  And they all talked REALLY. LOUD.  A lot.

You'll have to excuse me.  I need to go run all the air out of the pipes.  Glad I wasn't in the shower when they cut the water off!

And, I wonder how often they open fire hydrants and let them run for hours?  Egad.


  1. It was good of them to send the second-stringers along in case the starters were having a bad game. You can never be too careful...

  2. That must have been the rationale! Someone could've strained a hamstring.

    Ready for football, are ya?

  3. Just be glad they didn't stumble through the cloaking device and fall in the pool. You'd a had some 'splainin' to do.

    This whole saga has been too bizarre for words.

  4. The cloaking device held on like a charm!

    Bizarre might come close to describing it. Now I get to start playing with the A/C guys -- yikes!

  5. Perrier St.? Perrier and what? We may have been practically neighbors as I once lived at St. Mary and Coliseum before having it out with my landlord's whack wife and moving to the French Quarter to live with an even whackier voodoo-worshiping singer/dancer/bartender and her two dogs. Great times.

  6. Small world! Naw -- we're farther up near Napoleon. Great location during Carnival (but we can't leave the house after about 3:00 -- only 1 off-street parking spot.) Our black lab's full name is Bouligny Voodoo!

  7. Actutally, Me, we have some good friends wo live on Dumaine across the street from the Voodoo Museum, on the riverside of The Clover Grill. I may have been in your vicinity when you were taking the Halloween 2009 pics! On Mardi Gras 2009 & 2010, too!

  8. Mmmmmm.... Clover Grill.....

    Reminds me of a story that I gotta post later.