Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who Dat Gauntlet Flinging

You remember this poster from the run-up to the Saints' remarkable and totally deserved win in Super Bowl XLIV?  When the NFL was getting all horsey about merchandising and the Who Dat Nation picked up the gauntlet?

Another gauntlet has been thrown, this time by some guys claiming to have an enforceable Trademark on the phrase as it relates to the Saints.  Our very clever local cartoonist responded to this ridiculous issue with this strip:

I might add, "... and Dem!"

I also might add after last night's squeaker against the Niners, "Whew Dat!"


  1. Moogie, I caught the last quarter on Monday night. I don't watch pro football normally, but read that it was heating up, so I flipped on the tube.

    That dude that QBs at San Fran is goooood. I know you were glad for the win, but I think games like that show why it's so dang hard to repeat championships. You're always gonna get everybody's A Game. Always.

    Anyway, good luck to your Saints this season. I will probably watch them if they are in the League Championship, or Super Bowl. Those were the only two pro games I watched last season...and then only because it was NO. Not a big pro ball fan. Obviously.

  2. I wasn't a pro fan either until we moved here. It must be something in the air or the water!

    I fear you're right about the A game-bringing opponents. Everyone will be playing waaaaay above their heads. And now Reggie has a broken leg. *sigh*