Wednesday, September 8, 2010

There Are Dogs, and Then There Are Dogs

I've had kind of a busy week, what with Ball planning and the NFL schedule starting up tomorrow right here in NOLA.  The parade and concerts should make for a good time, but I imagine I'll pass them up so I won't miss seeing the unfurling of the XLIV Championship banner in the Dome on tv.  Yep, on tv.  No tickets.  Oh well.  I helped my Saints win mostly from home last year -- the mojo should still be good.  Who D@!!!!

So, since the Young President set me off so badly with his Labor Day campaign speech, I haven't engaged my brain much the past few days, except to notice that Bouie is escalating his war against the landscaping.  Forthwith is the latest casualty of his "watering" strategy:

Another Dusty Miller bites the dust.

Speaking of dogs, the Young President seems to have had his feelings hurt a little bit lately.  He told the union folk that mean people "treat him like a dog" (which, by the way, ain't all that bad at Moogie's Mansion).  Bobby Gibbs backed him up when he pointed out, "If you look at some of what is said about the president and match them up against the facts, on occasion dogs get better representation."

Well, my take on the matter is: if the flea collar fits . . . .


  1. Jimi Hendrix lyric quotes aside, I know quite a few dogs that would take umbrage with the comparison!
    Oh, since this post was partly about urine - one quaint old saying Barry would do well to heed: "Don't p*ss on my leg and tell me it's raining."

    "Waaaaaaah, but it's Buuuuuuush's fault..."
    I wonder if Bush fathered the Obama kids? Seems everything else is his fault...

  2. Amen... my dogs live quite the life. i take offense to that comment... hahaha

  3. Sorry about the Dusty Miller. There's the difference between male dogs and bitches... male dogs can and DO get the higher stuff, the bitches just ruin the lawn.

    And about Barry... the man has NO class and is pretty freakin' dumb for a (supposed) Ivy League kinda guy. Americans HATE whiners; that's one of life's earliest lessons.

  4. Hey, Scott! Do you think you could gin up the rumor mill on that "fathering fault" thing? That could be really entertaining!

    Our dogs have become accustomed to a very pleasant, very similar lifestyle! The UPS guy even carries Milk Bones to treat Bouie!

    I'm just looking at so many withered spots, Buck. I daren't replace the vanquished plants because I can't stand to see them go the way of their predecessors. If he'd just aim at the nut grass! And BO is definitely a whiner -- his grandmother must have really spoiled him.