Friday, September 3, 2010

College Gameday Eve!

And we hop on the road to the BCS tomorrow!

WOOOO PIG SOOOOOIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bring it!  Bustin' out the red and white!

H/T to The Slophouse


  1. Ah, yes. My SECOND favorite sport! And ND plays Purdue in their opener... always a good game.

  2. We've been asking the question, "When is September gonna' be?" for about 8 months or so now.

    Dang, it feels good! There is not really a nip in the air this morning, but it was in the 60's overnight, and the air is dry.

    And, good news out of Shreveport to boot!

    LIFE is good...

  3. ND - Purdue could actually be a good game, unlike most early season games. Isn't there another new coach there this year?

    Life IS good, Andy! And it'll be even gooder when that nip appears in the air!

  4. Isn't there another new coach there this year?

    Dunno about Purdue, but this will Coach Kelly's first game. I ain't the first by any means, but a name like "Kelly" just HAS to be a good omen, no?

  5. Buck, you got a point about "Kelly" being a better fit for for Da' Dame than Charlie.

    I picked a lot on Charlie, but I was kinda sad to see him clean out his office.

  6. I still miss Lou. At Arkansas, of course, not at one of those other places he went. Like the Golden Gophers.

  7. You don't HAVE to miss Lou. He's still on ESPN, ain't he? ;-)