Monday, September 20, 2010

National Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Week

Sometimes the president's handlers in the White House staff get it right.

As proclaimed by the Commander in Chief, this is National Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Week. 

Please thank those who employ those who serve (more and more often these days). 


  1. No doubt, Moogie! I have great respect for the evil big biness people that have super programs for their Guard and Reservists. Having a son in the Reserves, I am even more conscious of this.

    When I owned a business that employed about 20 men, two of them were Guard. I always felt proud that we could hold their place, and even come up with some paid leave.

    They are fine men and women...those that serve, and those that employ them.

  2. Thank your sons for us, guys. I have one going to officer basic in November.

    And thanks for being such a good boss, Andy!

  3. Good on him! That is the goal of Son finish college, and go regular Army as an officer.

    He's hearing noise about his unit in Hot Springs being called up next Spring. Dunno. As much as he wants to get on with college, he's also ready to get in the mix for a little while, too.

    Scrappy little rascal, he is. Always has been. I think I told you that he's one of the two Docs in his unit. Daddy don't want to see him go. But, he's chomping at the bit. Where do we find such people? Seriously?

  4. Yay for #3! If he's with the 39th, they're going to Afghanistan, but not til 2012.

    We raise such people!

    Our son blew off officer basic a number of years ago when he first graduated from OCS. Even quit for a time and was completely through with IRR. Then he finally discovered that he has no retirement/children's college funds and went back in. He's now probably the world's oldest 2nd Lieutenant!

  5. He's now probably the world's oldest 2nd Lieutenant!

    Nyuk! (Ain't you glad Buck taught us how to do italics?)

    I need to revise and extend my earlier remarks. When I said that I was proud that we could arrange for some paid leave for our Guardsmen...well, this is how it went.

    I owned an Air Conditioning service company in my late 20s. We had 14 guys on the trucks. Guard Duty is always in the hottest part of the Summer, when everyone is stretched thin...working long hours, and hating what they do. Everybody smells like twelve year used gym socks, and only wants to get home.

    We were all hanging on for dear life one summer (probably 1988) when Eddie, and Jack had to leave for Guard Duty. At about 5 am, everybody showed up. Wesley, and Leonard stepped up and humbly said that they would be more than glad to work as many hours as need be to take care of the customers.

    Everybody else gave an "Amen!" I told the guys that things were tight, and I'd do my best to pay them for the extra work (at this point, I had not paid myself for a couple of months, because I had to pay them...small biniss people will understand.)

    None of them batted an eyelid.

    When it came time for paychecks to be written, all the guys walked in the office, and told me to give their extra pay to Eddie, and Jack. So, it was the guys that made it possible...not my thriftiness, and patriotism.

    That was a helluva crew! Where do we find such people?

    Funny thing...when I could no longer stand the pressure as a 29 year old young wiseass, Wesley took over our operation in North Little Rock, and made a success of it.

    And Leonard took over our operation in the Shreveport area, and has made a big success of it.

    Good folks make a way.

  6. He's now probably the world's oldest 2nd Lieutenant!

    Mebbe. Mebbe not. At SN1's commissioning ceremony the commandant of (ROTC) cadets joked as he introduced each new 2LT. When Buck was introduced the commandant said "Lt Pennington will be on his way to Kirtland AFB in New Mexico after graduation... where he'll promptly put in his retirement papers." Buck was not quite 35 at the time...

  7. Bwahahahahahahaha! Oh man...this just gets better, and mo' better.

  8. Mighty fine folks, Andy. Mighty fine. (I'm thrilled everyday that Buck taught us how to do italics!) But, it's bosses like you who "get it" that enable folks to be such good folks.

    retirement papers. Heh. The thing is, Steve turns 39 in December!