Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trackin' the Impending Fruit Basket Turnover

A cool Google gadget stolen from Mean Ol' Meany.  You can move the map around by "grabbing" it --


  1. Who'd a thunk Kally-fhorn-eee-ya would be a toss-up? Somewhere Reagan is smilin' down on his adopted home state...

  2. The Mean ol' Meany said unkind things about my team, which makes me mad. Now you're linking him so I'm mad at you, too. I've also linked him in the past, so now I'm mad at me, too. Dang! Now what am I gonna do?

    The map doesn't seem to have guvnah data yet. But the R in my state has a slight lead. Could be the first time we've had a non-moron in Salem since the early '80s.

  3. Inno, it's college footbaw season, wear a cup...trash talking rulz.

    I get a kick out of looking at that RED RED RED Mississippi that you hear so much about. Kinda looks BLUE BLUE BLUE, like it always has.

  4. Sure not a lot of blue on there. Moogie's District might lose a Republican, though.

    Remember to vote, Moogie.

  5. Yeah, Inno, we're all mad!

    I'll hold my nose and vote for Cao, Andy, but I fear there's little chance to see him go back to the Hill. The overwhenlming majority of this district votes strictly along racial lines (racial: that's spelled "Democrat") -- and the criminal pedigree of the candidate doesn't seem to matter. I'm working on a little something about Cao's opponent, Obama's local darlin'. He's a real charmer, too -- dyed in the wool New Orleans Democrat.