Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Brief Musical Interlude . . .

. . . before the Hog-trouncing of the Reddish Wet Heffalumps commences to be administered on COLLEGE GAMEDAY.

Fourteen seconds of Number 2 Grandson, on the road to Carnegie Hall.


  1. That vid is just TOO danged cool! Grandkids do offset the slings and arrows of old age (more or less).

  2. Buck - I used to think that way, too. But now this economy is causing my kids (with grandkids in tow) to boomerang back to my place "just for a couple months 'til we get out of this hole" and I'm ready to scream.

    I like 'em better when the visits are shorter.

    PS - while I don't normally get too revved up about football on the wrong side of the Rockies, excuse me, east of the Rockies, I am officially a Razorback fan for today.

  3. Awwww...that is precious, Moogie. The little guy on the right has real potential.

    Inno, fortunately I do not have any grandchildren. But, I do have ONE child that manages his way back home every couple of years. If you've secretly wondered WHY I'm trying to get the garage apartment in decent shape...well...

    PS - I grew up a Hog fan, but the Southwest Conference screwed all that up by dissolving, and the SEC did not help by inviting Arkansas to jine up. Divided loyalties are not allowed in The Only Sport That Really Matters.

    I think they fixin' to kick off, so this blogging junk is finished. For a while.

  4. Inno: Your house is too big. ;-)

    My kids couldn't come "home" even if they wanted to... unless they pitched a tent outside my door. Hell, I can't even fit the whole fambly of either one inside El Casa Móvil De Pennington when they visit.

    But I get the thrust of your comment. There's a reason "they" say grandkids are better than kids: you can give 'em back at the end of the day. Truer words, and all that.

  5. Heh, to all. One of the major reasons my grandkids are so precious has to do with the fact that they live 7 hours away! Just kidding -- they're adorable even when we're in the same town. Do you suppose it means anything that my DIL's "home base" on Facebook location is "Paulson's House of Chaos?"

  6. Moogie, do I ever remember those days with small children! Pam remembers them much better than I do, though.

    The reason I say "fortunately, I do not have any grandchildren" is that my DIL should not reproduce, and FDIL and son #3 plan to get through college before firin' up the baby maker. But, they will have gorgeous, and bright chirrens. That, I AM looking forward to.

  7. If there is any silver lining to the divorce cloud hanging over your family, it's that no children were born to the marriage. It's a hard family dynamic to cope with. Pepper and I seem to have been blessed, however. He and his first wife (and I, and her subsequent husbands) worked very, very hard to make certain that The Son felt like he had two primary families, not several sets of bickering Bickersons making him neurotic. It helps that Pepper's #1 and I grew (along with her parents!)to actually love one another. Our friends think we'rw really bizarre!

    FDIL and #3 have their heads in the right place!

  8. Yes Moogie, that is one thing that I continually thank God for...the absence of children in Dean's marriage.

    Not for his sake, mind you. He is a loving, and compassionate man. I believe that he will make a fabulous father, should he decide to go down that road in the future. He really loves children...too bad he married a child.