Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where's Ty Pennington When You Really Need Him?!?!

Today's adventure in home ownership.  Two of the three units are nonfunctional.  One easy fix (new fan motor -- still under warranty!); one unknown fix on the 15 year-old unit.

*heavy sigh*
And, check out the mighty fine job the Sewerage & Water Board did of restoring the yard when they replaced the faulty meters yesterday.

But, the chocolate plants and impatiens are propagating like wildfire!  So, there is that beautiful side of being owned by a homestead.

And, at least, it's not beastly hot.

Just call me Moogie Pollyanna.


  1. I can mess up my hair and yell in a megaphone like Ty, but that's about all I know about HVAC repairs.

  2. Eh -- thanks for the offer, but I think I can handle that part.

    Can you drive that bus?

  3. Does this mean you're living in the 19th century now? How long until you return to the present? And why do I have these visions of Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh in my head? ;-)

  4. Why, fiddle-dee-dee! I'm luxuriating in frigid air as I type after "glowing" all morning!

    Didn't Brando ride a motorcycle?

  5. Didn't Brando ride a motorcycle?

    He did. I wanted to be him once upon a time. I even bought a Triumph as my first-ever ride. And blamed it on Brando. Does "Lucas, Prince o' Darkness" mean anything to ya?

  6. Okay. I googleyed Lucas. Still doesn't strike a chord.