Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thieving Little Leprechaun.

Sunlight was just right to do this.  There's a rainbow in my bedroom!

I looked all around the room, but I couldn't find my pot of gold.

Who knew that leprechauns were Democrats!


  1. Cool. But we still gotta hope that Rainbow Guy doesn't get see this or we'll never hear the end of it!

  2. Who knew that leprechauns were Democrats!

    Well... all I know about leprechauns is that you see a LOT of 'em on the sidelines at a certain university in South Bend. No pots o' gold there, tho. At least not recently.

  3. Heh! That's a cool shot, Moogie. Without being untoward, (I hope) I'll bet that there is plenty of gold in that room.

    As to what Inno said, yep.

    As to what Buck said...that truly pains me. I am a huge Irish fan, and our recent failures on the field over the last many decades have nothing to do with our greatness as a program, and as an institution.

    I mean, we crank out the best. We even got the President to speak to our graduates! Now, what could be better than that?

  4. Ahem. Andy. There were two bits of truth in your snark about the Irish. I'd tell ya where to put your sarcasm but we're in mixed company. ;-)

  5. Nyuk!

    But, I'll bet Moogie's heard it before. Maybe even said it...

    Probably not, being a genteel lady from the Great State know the State of Arkansas.

  6. Thanks for the heads up, Inno. I'll make certain Rainbow Guy never gets into my bedroom because I don't think I could explain what it means! Can you say shrooms?

    Yeah, Buck. Sadly, those South Bend folk are still waiting on that first glimmer. But that game on Saturday was a cliffhanger!

    Solid gold, Andy.

    Now, Buck and Andy, Moogie is sending both of you to your rooms until you can play nice. If you can't straighten up, I'll send Rainbow Guy in there!