Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Spring at Moogie's Mansion -- The Next Generation of Update

Woo hoo! The gas company and the cable company have shown up to paint messages on the street.

The gas guy told me that they'd gotten a "One Call" from the water folks to locate their underground lines so the Sewerage and Water guys can feel safe about digging. I showed him where the meter leak is and he said there should be no problem for the water guys to dig there. When I told him how long it'd been leaking, he just shook his head and gave voice to the obvious -- we all pay for those leaks. All over town. Kinda like the First Lady's Spanish-speaking vacays.

He also told me that the paint they use doesn't last very long, so the Sewerage and Water guys should be working on the leak within 10 days.

That was 15 days ago.

And the leak goes on . . . .

At least the cloaking device is still working to conceal the pool and fountain!

Oh yeah -- the separate $12 check that we had to send in made payable to the city was finally applied to the most recent bill -- not to the outstanding sanitation fee (which has miraculously disappeared), but to the water charge. How does this city stay above water financially? Oh, wait . . . .


  1. How does this city stay above water financially? Oh, wait . . . .

    Heh. I'm glad ya didn't say "literally," as opposed to financially.

  2. Normally when I see the line marking guys come along with paint sprayers I cringe. Really cringe. It usually means about four months of street work, and dust, and noise at all hours.

    But, it does slow down the speeders.

    Good luck on it.

  3. I think the "literally" is a given, Buck!

    I hear your pain, Andy. The S&WB guys "did a little work" down the street last spring and the homeowners eventually "fixed" the sidewalk themselves by filling in the hole with gravel. I doubt we'll be such gracious homeowners.