Friday, September 17, 2010

Remote Homeownership

So, there's another wedding in Arkansas. I know, you'd think the entire state would be married by now, but not yet.

We got a rather terse call from younger daughter while en route. She had already hit the beer by the time we got here. Why, you might wonder?

It seems that the ancient tree in the backyard finally deposited a huge branch on the utility lines, which proceeded to make themselves at home, live, on the ground, along with a good-size chunk of eave.

We gave her some names and the power was back on by the time we got here.

We're still waiting on the cable guy nearly 24 hours later (and service was to be restored within 24 hours. I guess they're in the zone.)

So, I'm trying a new app for the iPhone. We'll see if it posts.

My Arkansas trips seem to have been fraught with unpleasantry lately. At least no one has died during this trip. Yet. Let's keep it that way.

Anyone need any firewood?


  1. Yeah Moogie, every time I go to Arkansas it's unpleasant, too. Nyuk...

    Sorry about the trouble y'all had. But as you know, home ownership (whether remote or not) can be a pain.

    Ain't you all high tech and everything? Posting from an iPhone? You go, girl!

  2. I'm gettin' there, Andy!

    It's getting so I'm almost afraiod to cross the border.