Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's Up Next for the Young President?

Breaking News!

As pundit after pundit speculates that incumbent Congressional Democrats are in the tanker and headed for minority status, I have learned that our Young President is a little concerned about his continued tenure in the White House and is therefor gearing up for his next career track.  He is rumored to be preparing to begin the most real, meaningful, and solid job he has ever held.

He's joining the Men in Black.

Make no mistake about it, with his expertise in the field of immigration, we can all sleep well at night knowing that he'll be on the job, keeping us all safe from alien high jinks.

Oh.  No.  Wait a minute . . . .


  1. What's up for YP? Certainly not his approval. If you check Rasmussen's Daily Tracker he's at a new low of -23


  2. Heh. I'm wonderin' if he'll get his own helicopter? In black, of course.

  3. That pic just spoke to me, R. Can't you just see Michelle in a body suit like Lara Flynn Boyle wore in MIB II? That would be truly horrifying.

    Lovin' me some Rasmussen, Inno!

    He can probably manage to pilfer one of the black helicopters as he packs his bags, Buck.

  4. HA! Good'un. Thanks for the chuckle...been slow getting around due to burning the candle at both ends. I'm glad I waited 'til this morning to hit this real grinner.