Sunday, July 25, 2010

Urgent! The Norks Are Being Inventive!

So. The Norks are a little miffed that the U.S. is holding joint military exercises with South Korea. They're miffed about us getting all up in their faces, even after the Norks sank a South Korean Navy vessel, killing 46 sailors, and denied being involved with the whole thing. The joint exercise is a bit of a warning to the Norks, letting them know that we're still in this hunt and unwilling to let them just be a big bad bully. China seems to be staying in the wings so far.

So, does North Korea have nuclear capability?


But, so far their efforts to launch a missile strike of any caliber have fallen short, usually into the sea. However, as of this evening, we have a News Flash -- the Norks have tested a new delivery device for their nuclear strike!

Behold, and cower in fear!

Or not.


  1. I'd be more worried about all those artillery tubes they have pointed south... there are more of them than we have bombs. Or time. No doubt we'd win if the balloon goes up, but the Norks would cause some significant pain.

  2. Without doubt, Buck. I just got tickled when Dear Leader was jabbering on about a "physical response" and I got this mental image of Dennis the Menace with a slingshot. But, what the hey -- I'm easily entertained.