Monday, May 24, 2010

The Bickering Koreans

We've been out of town at our annual continuing legal ed seminar since last Wednesday. I was so excited that Pepper packed his laptop so I could keep up with my posts and blog-stalking during lulls in activity (read: "when sessions were over, Pepper was on the golf course, and it got too hot on the beach").

Unfortunately, Mr. Murphy -- he of the famous Murphy's Law -- must've stowed away in our luggage, because we could never get the laptop to talk to the Wi-fi in the room, and I couldn't post or comment on the iPhone. I could've gone to the computer at the hotel's Biz Center so I could keep up, and I love my blog-buddies and all, but having to pay for computer access is kinda like paying for . . . , well, like paying for something I've never contemplated paying for, so I didn't.

But I'm home now! Even though I'm a little out of date, I'll try to catch up.

So, South Korea and all have finally come out and accused the NorKs of torpedoing the South Korean Navy vessel in March, killing 46 sailors in the process. (I'm pretty sure that those "officially" coming to the same conclusion include the United States. Sometimes it's kinda hard to tell when Hillary's actually committing to a position. Of course, Kim Jong Il's minister did refer to her as a "primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping" a while back, so she may have a little bit of a chip on her shoulder when it comes to Kim and his minions.)

And, North Korea still denies the accusations. In rather "irregular" terms.

When I first heard the report of this exchange, the first thing that hit me about the NorKs' response was: we're back on the playground!

South: You sank my ship!

North: Did not!

South: Did, too!

North: Did not, did not, did
not! And if you keep saying that, we'll do it again!!

We also have China trying to act like a teacher's aide on the playground: "Now, now children."

I'm not so sure there are any authoritative grown-ups left anywhere anymore.

*Sigh* I really miss Ronald Reagan lately.

Update: I just heard that the South has cut off trade with the North. Can anyone say, "Armageddon?"


  1. I'm not at all hip to fighting in 3 separate theaters, especially with BHO in charge. Big bowl of scaryberries right there.

    PS: that "pensioner going shopping" line is like pure 200-proof awesome!

  2. I'm not hip to it either, just like Inno. But, we wouldn't really have any choice. We're there...we're RIGHT THERE...our assets are there, and our forces are.

    I'm pretty cold-hearted lately...gettin' old, I guess. I think we waste way too much time, money, and US human life trying to get everybody to play nice in the sandbox. Just kill 'em...heck, they're living in hell anyway now. I know that's ugly, and probably not really how I would like to see things come down...but I've watched these miserable jackasses my whole life. And everything we've done over my lifetime has just made them more stubborn donkeys! NorKs, Persians, Arabs, etc.

    Man, that was a worthless comment. So, how about...

    Glad you made it back, Moogie! Hope you had an enjoyable and informative time! We missed ya'! ;)

  3. I love my blog-buddies and all, but having to pay for computer access is kinda like paying for . . .

    I'm crushed. You just don't care.

    re: the Norks. Ugly bid'niz, that. I didn't see the movie so I might could be wrong, but I think it's "Team America" time, of the Many Cruise Missiles sort. And mebbe a few ICBMs, too. The guys in North Dakota could use some practice.

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