Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Transformation Accomplished

Well, I think he got that "transformative" thing accomplished. And NASA surely ain't continuing on "the same path."

Unfortunately, the "leap" was into the 11th Century. Without the knights in shining armor.



  1. Mebbe memory fails me but I'm beginning to think Jimmuh wasn't all THAT bad, at least by comparison. I mean, OK, we have him to thank for the two DoEs (Energy and Edge-u-ma-kay-shun), money-sucking perpetual bureaucracies, but that's about it. And there's the Panama Canal thing. But those travesties PALE next to what The One has already done and what he COULD do. Only two years to go until we can honestly say "Worst. President. EVER."

    wv: comic. Srsly. Proof will be provided.

  2. Proof received. Heh.

    Don't get me started on bureaucracies!