Saturday, July 10, 2010

The U.N. -- Spending Your Money on Flights of Fancy. Again.

Well, that respite from the political spectrum didn't last long.

Yesterday was apparently the U.N.'s celebration of "International Small Arms Destruction Day"
and the good ol' U.S. of A. seems to have had it catered.

Small arms destruction is not an event we celebrate here at Moogie's Mansion. That'd be kinda like celebrating "International Tear the Pages Out of Books Day" or "International Shut Down the Internet Day."

Secretary Hillary and the State Department characterized U.S. participation in the event as part of the United States’ ongoing efforts to support the “rule of law around the world” and bragged about spending more than $130 million to destroy “1.4 million small arms and light weapons.” This is apparently another well-thought-out and clever U.N. plan -- this time to reduce the impact of “illicit flows of small arms and light weapons" across the globe.

Right. What's the old saying about urination and the ocean?

But, seriously -- we have $130 MILLION spare bucks just lying around gathering dust that we can chunk down a rat hole in an effort to destroy the guns of idiots who would surrender them?!?! And guess what else? Since 1993 we've spent more than $1.5 BILLION in similar undertakings!

Check that -- I think we've gone down the rabbit hole instead of a rat hole. Or maybe both.

H/T to Rustmeister.


  1. I really, rilly believe we should resign from the UN, kick the organization out of New Yawk, and convert their buildings into condos or yet another patented NYC low-rent housing project. Send ALL of those bastids off to Uganda, Indonesia, or Sweden... where they can be among people of like mind. It was a good ideer right after WWII but it's nothing but a farce now, like all things gub'mint touches. An EXPENSIVE farce, too.

    wv: ronella. I believe that's the UN ambassador from Benin.

  2. Ronella sounds more like the ambassador from Motown, Buck!

    I'm with you. Get us out of the UN -- we belong to waaaaay too many clubs that expect us always to be the host or bring the refreshments.