Friday, July 30, 2010

A Note from the Privileged Class

As bad as Bush got to be, I thank the good Lord daily that there never was a President Kerry. Or, heaven forbid, a first lady Heinz!

It is a quaint little sloop. Only 75 feet and built in New Zealand. Not even American-made.

E. Gad.


  1. Or, heaven forbid, a first lady Heinz!

    Well, Prez Kerry would have been MUCH worse, in my humble. But... think again. We wouldn't have had half the fashion-felonies we're currently experiencing if Tereza had been First Lady, no? I don't notice the fashion faux-pas so much, but my wimmen friends sure do!

    That's some kinda nice yacht, tho.

  2. Heh. I do believe you have a point there, Buck! Teresa is nothing if not blatantly, in-your-face fashion-forward, unlike the current FL who is definitely fashion-backward. Or fashion-frantic.

    It is a sweet little pool toy.

  3. Sit right back and you'll hear a tale
    A tale of a fateful trip
    That started from a Kiwi port
    Aboard this pretty ship

    The mate was a nasty ketchup hag
    The Skipper...

  4. Oooh! Sing the rest of it!

    "Nasty ketchpup hag." Heh.

  5. Inno: LMAO! Pal, you're always good for a laugh. You should go for it! Audition for Last Comic Standing!

    Moogie: "As bad as Bush got to be..." In those seven words you wrote volumes. I do not think that Blogger comments would allow me enough lines to express what is in my heart/head/foots/toofers about how it all went down.

    So, I'll just say "Amen." And "Amen." And "Amen" that we never had to experience John Friggin' Kerry as Prez. But then again, if we had...maybe we'd have had President McCain, and not President ObozO.

    History is hard to predict. Just sayin'...

  6. But, History can be, and is, re-written, Andy.

    And Amen to your Amens!