Wednesday, July 28, 2010

He's Not Crazy, He's Religious

On June 1, 2009, convert-to-Islam Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad opened fire on two soldiers in Little Rock, Arkansas, killing one, PVT William Long. He is currently undergoing a court-ordered mental examination preliminary to his trial on charges of capital felony murder, among other things -- an unusual number of which oddly involve urine.

The examining psychiatrist recently filed his report with the court, concluding that Muhammad (the former Baptist, Carlos Leon Bledsoe) is most likely competent to stand trial. The despicable defendant revealed quite a bit about jihad in America in his conversations with the doctor, and in the process he also revealed a bit about how radical Islam isn't exactly a religion of peace and love. Today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports:

“I was trying to kill them,” Muhammad told Dr. R. Clint Gray with the
Arkansas State Hospital, saying the shooting that injured Army Pvt. Quinton
Ezeagwula of Jacksonville and fatally wounded Pvt. William Long, 23, of Conway,
was “not due to mental illness, but due to obligation. It is a religious belief.”

. . .

“I’m not insane. I can stand trial. I’m not crazy,” he said, telling Gray that he has told his attorneys that he wants to plead guilty. “I can prove my beliefs in the Koran. It’s my religion. My family’s Baptist. They don’t understand. I’m saying I’m not brainwashed.”

Well, there you go. His family didn't understand him and the Koran instructed him to stalk and slaughter American soldiers on their native soil.

We'd better not interpret his words too mildly for the purposes of political correctness.

I'd like to see him strung up by the heels or other parts, but I hope he doesn't get the death penalty -- that would play right into the radical jihad mentality. I can think of many other creative forms of punishment, Eighth Amendment be damned.

Ah, yes, the wicked side of Moogie's brain is working overtime right about now (she said with an eerie glow emanating from her green eyes while one corner of her mouth curled upward in contemplation of something delicious).


  1. Moogie, I remember the incident well. Gosh, I wish I could find the video of some head-covered chick arguing with people memorializing PVT Long in Little Rock.

    You probably saw it. I am one of those few right wingnuts that opposes the Death Penalty. But, I certainly believe in a Life Penalty...which would probably pretty closely mirror what your curled mouth would spout as a sentence.

    The "tinkle" thing kinda stumps me, though. I mean, what's up with testing Muslims' pee pee? I mean, they are ALL clean livers, and abstain from anything that clouds the issue.

    This was an infuriating event...a true case that should remind us all that THEY HATE US! They really do. My Christian principles are often tested these days. The "What Would Jesus Do?," and the "Turn the other cheek" thing really stretch my flesh.

    Really. Sorry to run on so long, but thanks for keeping this story alive.

  2. I do remember that video. It absolutely infuriated my daughters -- and me. My cousin's husband was in the parking lot when it happened, on his way to the Revenue Office. It really shook him up, especially since their son is a West Point cadet.

    I'm stumped by the tinkle thing, too. Sounds like little boys giggling in the bathtub about the digestive system and making "bubbles."

  3. That must have been a time for great restraint for your cousin's husband. I remember now where I saw it.

    I saw it at RightGirl's blog. I searched her archives and found it. Wendy (who I halfway know, somewhat) had a three word post.

    It's right here:

  4. I can think of many other creative forms of punishment, Eighth Amendment be damned.

    I think a lil cruel and unusual is most appropriate in this case. Others, too. Make me king and we'll have "The Punishment Channel!"

  5. Some of the comments on that post are out there, Andy! But, some are rather creative and we should file them away for future reference. Thanks for the link.

    Oooh, Buck! I'll subscribe!

  6. Moogie, I don't guess I read the "comments" on that post, even though I did leave one at about #5. I went back and read them all. I was braggin' on y'all Arkies, btw.

    Just sayin'...

    Please don't let the Hogs beat the livin' crud out of us this season. Ge gentle on us. I mean, we like y'all. See, I proved it.

    Just sayin'...

    It's a heckuva deal when we allow "stoners" (literally) to lecture us on what "cruel and unusual" is...I mean, all that horrible junk we do to them down there at GTMO and all.

    As I have written before, these people truly do test my Christianity.