Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fruitful Remedy for Imploding Brain Syndrome

To kick off a lazy weekend, we'll start by contemplating food.

Gotta get away from the political spectrum for awhile -- if only for an hour or two -- before my brain implodes.

This is my lightened and sugar-free version of Mrs. Andy's "Blueberry Strawberry Cheesecake Pie," as served up at Moogie's Mansion yesterday evening.

The recipe is available at the link -- just substitute Splenda, sugar-free strawberry preserves, sugar free-low-fat Cool Whip, and 1 fat-free/1 reduced fat cream cheese. I know -- it sounds like all that substituting for the good stuff would make it taste like cardboard, but it really doesn't! There won't be much left of it if I don't hide it from Pepper soon, and that tells you how good it is because he's not really a cheesecake kind of guy. He says the texture of this is not as mealy as cheesecake, and I agree.

I also agree with Andy -- 2 forks up!

There. I feel better already.


  1. I'll take your word about all the "better living thru chemistry" substitutions, but forgive me if I remain skeptical. Coz ya know we're philosophically opposed to the ENTIRE "lite" concept... cars, beer, wimmen, food... ALL of it. ;-)

    But it sure LOOKS good. (Have you ever been to Japan? Seen that plastic food in all the restaurant windows? That looks good, too. Just sayin') (insert another smiley-face thingie here)

    wv: zoodefel. Where ya take the kids on a day out in Fel (they speak French there).

  2. Just in case I lost ya with the Nipponese plastic food ref... here's a pic and narrative: Plastic food.

  3. Yep -- plastic food is plastic food, but it usually doesn't look that tasty!

    I probably should have whipped some heavy cream, but I figured I'd already put in enough effort in baking the thing! And I'd MUCH prefer the real McCoy of everything -- and would still be eating it in obese splendor but for the diabetes diagnosis last summer. I've dropped nearly 20 pounds and have discovered that I really don't have to deprive myself totally -- even though I'd really rather eat the entire pie than one measly itty-bitty sliver.

    Real is always better -- for ever so many things!

    Zoodefel. Heh.

  4. ...and would still be eating it in obese splendor but for the diabetes diagnosis last summer.

    I didn't know about that and now I feel the perfect fool. Of course you're not gonna eat all that sugar. My apologies, Moogie.

    wv: exagg. That sound you hear as I eat my words.

  5. Ehh -- how could you know! No worries! At least I have it under control, don't have to be on meds, and can still have a cocktail or 2. Plus, the weight loss allowed me to shed a blood pressure med! So, it's good (even if I do have to resort to that plastic crap!)

  6. Looks good - I too prefer the real deal, but an ever expanding middle aged waistline dictates otherwise. I'm filing that away to try soon.