Friday, July 30, 2010

Calling Mr. Diogenes!

This cartoon depicts how the story unfolded for the woman with a "unique set of life experiences."

But, American Thinker sees "the rest of the story."

I thought something smelled funny. Still does. We should have listened when the Secretary was trying to tell us about Ms. Sherrod's "claims" against USDA.

Is there anyone who works for government that is not in it just for himself? Where is Diogenes when we really need him?!?!


  1. Public servants my butt! When those working for the public sector began making more those working in the private sector, they ceased to be servants and became slave-masters.

  2. Good post, Moogie. I have truly enjoyed watching this story unfold. I had a knee-jerk "Breitbart was stupid for running with this" reaction.

    And, I still believe that he messed up initially. But, I know Breitbart (not personally, mind you), and know him to be one of the good guys.

    Seems that as time rocks along, and more details emerge about this Shirley gal and her hubby, that his running with the video when he did teaches us MUCH more than we would have ever known about the situation.

    Willie Brown is an interesting guy. I've been aware of him for most of my adult life. It is fascinating in a way to see him speaking out on this. It has been a good long while since I've heard from him. Back in the day, he was all over the news, talk shows, etc. I never could quite peg him as a radical leftist, or as one of the good guys torn by old loyalties, influences, etc.

    Thanks for posting this. Good grass for chewing.

  3. Sweet Jesus. "More to the story," indeed. There are times when I'm torn between "ignorance is bliss" and the desperate urge to firebomb these bastids. But that would be racist, wouldn't it?

  4. My knee twitched a bit, too Andy. I've just gotten to be so dang impatient for -- I don't know what -- and skeptical of anything the government or the media cast out to us, I just strike at most anything. I need to ratchet it back a tad.

    As satisfying as a firebombing might be, Buck, it would just give more ammunition to the left. Or are they allowed to touch ammunition? Or racists?