Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Know! Let's Just Run the Oil Industry Out of the Country!

Here we go again. The House is scheduled to vote on a "safety" bill tomorrow -- HR3534, the CLEAR Act -- that could very well run the oil industry out of U.S. waters and straight into the open arms of Hugo C. and those Krazy Kastro Boyz, or a bunch of west Africans. So, I thought I'd ram my head up against a tree once more and attempt to communicate with Congress.

Congressman Cao:

I've expressed my doubt before that you don't read these emails or even care what your constituents want, but I'm going to try again: You must vote against HR3534, the CLEAR Act.

While it might contain some safety reform for Gulf drilling, you must admit that enacting the bulk of this Bill would be akin to opening an artery and allowing the economic lifeblood of the Gulf south to drain down a Congressional rathole.

Don't be hoodwinked by the Speaker again. It's time to help the Gulf south, not to kill it.

Do not vote in favor of this Bill, or any Bill that would leave the oil industry on life support. All legislation need not be "comprehensive." Remember the old adage, "Good things come in small packages." Devastation tends to think big.

Most very sincerely, MoogieP

Consolidated Land, Energy, and Aquatic Resources Act of 2009.

Aquatic Resources. I'm getting a headache.


  1. Good on ya', Moogie! We have to keep trying. I'm one of those fortunate ones that never has to hound my Congressman. Dr. John Fleming is ALWAYS right on his votes, and wont give NannyP or ObozO the time of day on any of their junk.

    You are in an odd District, as you know. Cao is quite possibly in the toughest political position in his District, and in The House of any Congressman. You know all about it.

    We shall see on this one...

  2. Yeah, Cao's a real winner all right. I found it interesting that, when newly elected, he attempted to join the Congressional Black Caucus so he could better represent "the majority of his constituents." That should've been a clue that he wasn't exactly a fiscal conservative. And he caved right along with Stupak on the healthcare behemoth.

    The really sad thing -- there is no one who can replace him. I doubt whether this district would ever vote in a true conservative -- I mean, the voters of this district re-elected Bill Jefferson when he was actively being investigated by Justice! (Rangel should be taking notes).

    There may be hope for Melancon's seat, though, if the Repubs don't split their vote too much.