Monday, July 26, 2010

Hugo Chavez: Economist and Unfortunate Fashionista

Not only do we have to worry about Dear Ol' Leader Kim Jung Il's threats, now the A.P. reports that Venezuelan "president" Hugo Chavez is rattling his very own saber. He told an adoring throng yesterday, "If there is any armed aggression against Venezuela from Colombian territory or anywhere supported by the Yankee empire, we . . . would suspend shipments of oil to the United States! . . . . We wouldn't send another drop of oil to its refineries, not a single drop more!"

Of course, that brutal embargo would send Venezuela's "thriving" economy further into the tank and could have the unexpected consequence of jump-starting our own American oil industry -- you know, that oil industry that's now languishing around in the in the Obama Gulf Doldrums.

Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing after all -- winter's just around the corner, and it should be heating oil season by the time election day rolls around. A nice shiver might shake some sense into some of those enviro-nut moratorium fans who can't see the energy forest for the oil spill tree.

Insofar as our neighbors to the south go, I'm not sure who's the bigger nutcake -- Hugo, Daniel O. who also rattled a saber at Colombia today, or those Krazy Kastro Boyz (now that Honduras has finally thrown Zelaya out of office).

One thing I do know -- I hope neither Michelle nor the Young President hooks up with Hugo's fashion designer. The resulting Obamaesque Imperial trappings and accouterments could be frightening. But really sparkly -- we could see the Young Prez sporting his Nobel on a fancy sash like Hugo's! And maybe his "necklace" could be made from the bottle caps from his beer summits!

Based on her fashion-past, though, I fear to contemplate what Michelle might dare to wear.

What is it with the belts nowhere near her natural waist?

And the horizontal stripes where horizontal stripes don't belong?

Okay -- I'll give her the see-through top, but . . . .



  1. Hugo wearing a giant gay pride rainbow ribbon? We should seize his oilfields just for being so tacky.

  2. Policia fashionista norteamericana. Where do I enlist!

  3. Yeah Moogie, the boob belt deal with Michelle has always kinda stumped me.

    As to Hugo cutting us off, I say, "Go for it." We could use a kick in the pants to get busy harvesting our own crop of crude.

    And, I despise the idea of enriching his Kingdom anyway. And you can throw in the Saudis, too. And, darn near everyone else.

  4. It would be fun to watch for awhile, wouldn't it? And just think -- if both Nicaragua and Venezuela attack Colombia, we could have yet another war! Think O and the Congress have enough of a set to take that on?

  5. Dunno, Moogie. I'll tell you, we've really dropped the ball in South America.

  6. ...those enviro-nut moratorium fans who can't see the energy forest for the oil spill tree.

    You can sure turn a phrase, Madame Moogie.

  7. Merci, Buck! I kinda liked that one, too.

    And, I'm afraid I have to agree with you, Andy. The Big O seems to have developed a mental block about our neighboring americans after hid initial love-fest with those enlightened leaders.