Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DISCLOSEing My Disgust

The House already passed its version of the Union Campaign Contribution Suck-up bill. The House appears to be a lost cause when it comes to common sense, so I just emailed the following to my senators on the cusp of the Senate vote on S3295 -- the DISCLOSE Act:

Dear Senators Vitter and Landrieu:

I know you never read these things or even care about what your
constituents think, but please be aware -- we remember, we contribute to
campaigns, and we vote.

Therefore, please vote against S3295, the "DISCLOSE Act." We are so very tired of stealth legislation, especially legislation that, when studied in the light of day, crushes individual liberties, such as political speech.

We're also so very tired of unequal treatment -- especially when unions are the beneficiaries.

We're frankly just fed up with Congress as a whole. So, if you'd like to affect the
anti-incumbent tide, show us something positive -- something like standing up for your constituents' right to engage in political speech. Vote AGAINST the DISCLOSE Act.

Most Very Sincerely, MoogieP

The DISCLOSE Act -- "Democracy Is Strengthened By Casting Light On Spending in Elections." Holy. Moly. Is anyone else as tired of tortured acronyms as I am?!?!

Or as fed up with Congress? I CALL FOR FRUIT BASKET TURNOVER TODAY!!!!!!! Why wait 'til November.


  1. So far so good. They failed the cloture vote today. Dunno if Dingy Harry has enough fight left in him to try again...

  2. Moogie, this one might not make it. I surely hope not.

    BTW, I have always had good response from Senator Vitter. It's a long story, but he and I actually had an e-mail back and forth once. And, it was really him (or at least it came from his personal address, not from his .senate one).

    I have found his office to be very responsive.

    Mary, on the other hand.


  3. I admire your persistence in communicating with these unresponsive and uncaring asshats. Srsly. All I ever get back... if or when I actually get something back... is "thank you for your recent communication" or words to that effect. It tries one's soul, to quote Mr. Paine.

  4. If there is no other defeat in November than Reid I'll be on ehappy girl, Inno.

    Yeah, Vitter is usually responsive, Andy, but I'd rather not hear from either of them -- I'm sick and tired of incumbents. And Maty isn't up for re-election this year, so why should she care aboiut her constituents?

    My soul is indeed tried, Buck. And tired of politicians.