Thursday, May 27, 2010

With a Little Help . . . .

We didn't follow American Idol the entire season, but we like to watch the finales. Last night was one not to miss.

Joe Cocker still so freakin' rocks!

And seeing those young whipper-snappers giving him all due props did a heart good.

Dang -- our generation produced some fine music!


  1. My take on this, as well as last years winner: they needed to win the contest because they really don't have the star power to make it any other way. Lee, and Kris from last year weren't even close to the runner-ups as far as "it" goes.

    I mean last year, Adam looked like the second coming of Freddie Mercury, and Crystal? She's one of the best female singers I've heard in years. She kicked Sheryl Crowe's ass last night, that's for sure.

    Oh, and Alice Cooper still rocks, too. =)

  2. Moogie...what can I say? That is one of the highlight songs of my younger years.

    I never was a Joe Cocker fan, and I'm thinkin' the dude could have gotten some dental work done with all his money (Freddie Mercury, too), but I'm glad to see the guy still kickin'.

    I have never watched a single episode of American Idol.

    (And, my "ornery" streak is on full display today). Nyuk!

    Seriously, I've never watched American Idol. But, I've listened to Joe more than once. ;)

  3. Thanks for postin' this, Moogie, coz I'd a never known, otherwise. Joe C. remains a hero.

    As for our generation producing the best music... it's an arguable point. For some. But I'M convinced. I may have mentioned this elsewhere, but my 13-year old grandson is learning the guitar and ALL his heroes are 60s - 70s icons. EVERY single one. He's pretty much cleaned out my CD rack... and picks my brain on this subject all the time. Does a geezer good, that.

  4. Buck, I'm with ya' on that one. All of my sons (eldest is 29, and a musician, down to my 20-year-old) listen to the stuff from the 60s-70s...they lap it up.

    In truth, they know more about the artists, and the music than I do. And NONE of them ever cared for anything recorded in their "generation."

    Smart boys.

    I am more partial to the 70s stuff myself, but the greatness of the 60s artists begat my faves.

  5. I lean more toward the 70s suff, too, Andy. I just can't tolerate or abide most of the stuff that passes for music today.