Saturday, May 1, 2010

We Need the Rest of the Story on The BP Thing

This BP oil rig disaster smells to high heaven on so many levels. I'm not inclined to conspiracy theories, but . . . .

I've already read several, "But, Buuuussshhh and Katrina" excuses. Yeah -- right. One of the loopiest conspiracy theories concerning Katrina was the "George Bush hates black people so he had the levees blown up after Katrina passed because it was a good opportunity to get rid of a lot of them." Watch Spike Lee's documentary to get a taste of it. Pretty nutso.

But, the thing about this BP event that really puzzles me is -- NEVER has there been this kind of explosion on a gulf oil rig. Even when a Taylor Energy rig collapsed during one or other of the recent hurricanes, there was no fire and no spill.

And the BP Thing (as the government is already spinning it -- just like we never really got around to calling the "Federal Levee Failure After Katrina" just that; it has evermore been simply, "Katrina.") -- the BP Thing happened just after the current administration had committed to additional off-shore drilling and exploration.

I'm not suggesting that orders came from the White House to sabotage the rig or anything; that smacks too much of the Nixon White House. I'm just sayin' . . . there are some flaky fringe groups out there with pretty impressive resources. And looky, looky -- all new exploration and drilling is suspended pending whatever the hell is pending! Surprise, surprise!

Thank God for the Coast Guard -- I pray for wisdom and strength for our friend RADM Mary Landry.

And I pray for those fragile coastal ecosystems and barrier islands that now appear doomed.

And for the souls of the lost -- and peace for their loved ones.


  1. Moogie, I am about 99.9999999 % certain that this was a terrible accident, and nothing more.

    What fries my rear end is that ObozO will take advantage of this. I am going to chalk it up to "coincidence" that this happened when it did.

    But, shutting down drilling? C'mon! That's like grounding every airplane because one crashes. The ridiculous halt to drilling only adds fuel to the conspiracy fire.

    This is bad. This is real bad. But, I'm not telling you anything you don't know.

    But, Obama is going to fly-over the spill today. That should fix it...

  2. Yeah -- I'm hoping he'll lay hands on the water and banish the sheen.

  3. Hey Moogie, the news is reporting that winds are too high in The Gulf for ObozO to take his tour over the spill.

    I'm thinking that he should just walk out there and fix it all.

    I feel for y'all with ObozO in town. Maybe he'll leave. SOON.

  4. Yeah, I'm with Andy: accident. TERRIBLE accident, mebbe the worst ever from an ecological POV. Oysters and shrimp are gonna cost a lot more as time goes on... but that may be the least of our troubles. So sad.