Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big Brother Moves to The Kennel

Look at this face! I mean, just look at this adorable, intelligent, sweet, eager-to-please face! Wouldn't you love to have a houseful of pups that look and behave just like him?

Well, apparently the New Orleans City Council wouldn't.

Big Brother is coming for our dogs.

Last week, our really-busy Council enacted an ordinance that requires dogs older than 6 months to be spayed or neutered unless the owner applies for and obtains an annually-renewable permit to keep the pup intact.

The sponsor of the ordinance stated her intent: "to stop random breeding of pit bulls and vicious dogs" and "to make sure children are safe walking the streets." So, she proposed a law that would stop the breeding of any dog without first asking, "Mother, may I?" Puh-leeze.

She also snuck the vote in under the radar of the American Kennel Club and other groups that oppose the ordinance, thus denying them, and my dog, adequate due process.

(I can think of any number of politicians for whom I'd be willing to pay the fee to have neutered. And I can think of a lot who act as if they already have been. Pit bulls, my foot.)

This is nothing short of unenforceable, overreaching overkill that takes yet another decision/freedom away from Joe Q. Citizen and places it in the "capable" hands of our benevolent government, which, of course, knows what's best for us all. First it's removing the soft drink machines from schools and giving a week's detention to a poor little kid in Texas who committed the unforgivable sin of eating a Jolly Rancher candy at lunch; now it's our pets' reproductive parts. Where does it stop?!?!

I'll tell you where it'll stop -- right at my dog's family jewels.

I've been wanting to breed him and then have him "fixed;" both of our girl dogs were spayed at an early age mainly for convenience's sake. But, by golly, now I think ol' Bouie will just keep what the good Lord gave him to lick.

Come and get me; I'll show you a vicious bitch.


  1. I've always like the Labradoggies. "to stop random breeding of pit bulls and vicious dogs" does not apply to any Lab I've ever met. And I totally agree with your closing sentiment.

  2. Moogie, this is a Morrell we're talking about here...

    I understand where she's coming from. I despise vicious dogs...especially pit bulls. I'll unashamedly say that I believe EVERY canine in that breed should be spayed, or neutered, and let those bad genes disappear from the canine population eventually. I have chronicled over and over "death by pb."

    But, she's going about it all wrong here. Nobody is going to obey this ordinance except for those folks that give a flip to start out with. It's the ones that don't give a flip who own vicious animals (in almost all cases). It seems like just a way to raise money from the pockets of responsible people. Again.

    BTW, I am a lab lover. Girl...oh...I won't get started about my beloved labs, because you already know just what fine animals they are.

    Bouie is a fine looking animal. Gosh, I love a black lab! I sure hope you breed Bouie. I'll bet he hopes so, too. Just sayin'...

  3. Your last line sez it ALL. Brava!