Sunday, May 9, 2010

To All You Mothers -- in Context, of Course!

The enchanting Shirley Temple impersonator is my sweet Mama (she always argued that it should be spelled, "Momma," but I won!). This was a poster for a floor show in a fund-raiser for cancer research sometime in the late 60s. Mama was a character! (And she had spectacular legs!) I miss her every day -- not just on Mothers Day -- since October 14, 1977.

Other thoughts on the Mothers Day phenomenon --

A guy-type friend from long ago posted:

Some guy called me a "mother" this morning (or something like that)--but I
don't think it was in the context of Mothers Day!!---Happy Mothers Day to all of
you that have earned it!!!!!!

I must say, I agree that mothers have earned a few "Happiness" wishes, and they should be the only ones who receive said wishes.

Even though there are plenty of folk out there who have earned the moniker in the alternate context that Don suggested.

And, you know who you are!

I miss my kids today more than usual.



    I've got a feeling that "character" might be an understatement where your Momma was concerned.

    And, I'm not doubting the "great gams" deal either, after seeing her photo. Oh, I know you must miss her.

    Well...been out to Caddo Lake to visit my Momma for lunch. #3 son (who lives next door to us) is firing up the charcoal to prepare a fabulous feast of chicken, salmon, stuffed peppers, roasted corn, and baked taters for his Momma, and Pam's Momma.

    Y'all deserve MUCH, MUCH more...

  2. I'm missing Mom more than usual today. She left this world in 1964... waaay too damned early. Every Mother's Day is a kind o' trial, today is worse than most. I've yet to figger out why that is, but it is.

    This is a great remembrance, Moogie. Thank you for it.