Saturday, May 29, 2010

Something Simple to Soothe My Soul

This is the "naughty children " fountain that came with Moogie's Mansion when it became our home way back in 1999. (Please disregard the attractive orange extension cord! I'll figure out something to do with that later.) It makes the most delightful flowing water background noise and actually cools the air a little when it gets beastly hot. Native ferns spring up at its base even after they've been pinched back by a bitter winter. I used to love to sit out on the patio in the shade and read or sketch while soaking up the relaxing sound.

Since 2006, when we began the post-Katrina tear-down of the wrecked shed and decided to build the open-air garage, it has sat there, non-functional, sad-looking -- little more than a rain gauge and a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Until today!!

We had gone to Lowe's quite awhile back and bought it a new pump and Pepper attempted to repair it while I was in Little Rock for one of the ninety-three wedding events. But, it seems that we neglected to buy the necessary tubing to get the water from Point A to Point B and back again, so the naughty children had lain prone on the patio since that attempt. I finally got the tubing several weeks back when Veronica was down for her visit, and said tubing remained in its Lowe's sack on the dining room table ever since.

Until today!

I cleaned out the bowl (including over an inch of sediment that had been building in there for years -- and about a gazillion skeeter eggs), then Pepper installed the tubes and replaced the naughty children on their perch, and . . . . Nothing.

So we cussed a bit (vocalizing a few choice words always helps a bit, you know) and flipped some switches and . . . . Nothing.

Then Pepper strode intently over to the fountain and I feared -- just for a moment, mind you-- that the fountain was about to be drop-kicked over the fence, naughty children and all. Instead, he messed around with the infamous tubing and . . . . Voila! She kicked off with gusto! There had been a little kink in the line and the tinkering loosened it!

So, now we can enjoy our naughty children again, and the fountain's soothing sound makes me feel so peaceful. I could use a little peace in my soul, what with all the calamity going on in the Gulf and the Young President making promises he probably isn't equipped to keep.

I love my feisty, clever husband. I think we'll fire up the grill tonight so we can listen to the naughty children singing their little water-song. We should have shrimp while we still can.


  1. I can't tell from the pic... even embiggened... but is this sorta like Brussels' famous Petit Pisseur? Apropos of which.... the Google Translate text of that site's verbiage should make ya laugh. But good on both of ya for getting the fountain working. Small victories are sometimes the BEST wins.

    It's threatening rain here otherwise I would emulate you and Pepper and fire up the grill. I'd do a couple o' few wursts tho. Large fresh shrimp are in the unobtanium category here; wursts are always available, even if they're of secondary quality.

  2. It's a shame isn't it, that swimps aren't available everywhere!

    Sounds like you all had a lovely evening. A lot of people can't understand why I love the heat, and humidity of Louisiana. One reason, is because I love green stuff...grass...ferns...anything green and pretty.

  3. Buck -- no, the naughty children aren't of the Pisseur variety. The little boy is ever-so-slightly pulling up the little girl's skirt, and she'snot stopping him! It's not exactloy the statuary I'd choose, but one doesn't look gift horses in the yada, yada (to steal Andy's stolen phrase! ;-p).

    Andy -- we postponed the shrimp until tonight. Too much food at the Greek Festival yesterday afternoon for a full-blown supper. That just gives me more time to anticipate!

  4. Can I come? Pretty please???

    Just joshin'...but you've got my mouth watering...I think I'll pick some up this afternoon, and grill tomorrow.