Friday, May 28, 2010

Maybe Not Illegal and Likely Unethical, but Stinky Beyond Measure

The White House used former President Bill Clinton to offer an unpaid advisory position to Rep. Joe Sestak in hopes of persuading him to drop his Pennsylvania Senate primary challenge to President Barack Obama's favored candidate, according to an internal report issued Friday.

. . . .

White House Counsel Robert Bauer's two-page report said there was no improper conduct. No one in the administration discussed the offer with Sestak, he said.

. . . .

Bauer, in the report [issued today by the White House], argued that previous Democratic and Republican administration "motivated by the same goals — discussed alternative paths to service for qualified individuals also considering campaigns for public office." The report said such actions aren't illegal nor unethical.

Bill Clinton and Rahm Emanuel.

So, we have Heckle and Jeckle trying to fill an unpaid advisory position in an attempt to take some heat off of a doomed, turncoat, Obama-bum-bussing, sitting senator's race for re-election.

Without the Young President's knowledge or complicity.

Those inclined to believe this little song-and-dance should inquire of Moogie about the excellent beachfront property she has for sale in New Mexico.


  1. Bill Clinton and Rahm Emanuel.

    I never thought I'd say this... but I MISS the former... the Big Dog... by comparison, of course.

    And Hey! You have beach front property near ME? Cool! Let's talk!

  2. The price is right!

    And -- about Slick Willie -- at least he was moderately entertaining. This guy is just flat-out scary!