Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Medal Will be a Boom for The Purple Heart Industry

I don't often listen to Rush Limbaugh, but it's on in the background today and he got off a good one. He thinks the new "Military Medal for Courageous Restraint" should be nick-named "The Yellow Heart."

I'm thinking that thinking like that in the field will lead to a lot more unnecessary Purple Hearts.

There are some well-thought-out comments from soldiers here. I used to think the Brits had some pretty clever senior leadership, but I guess this idea sends that notion pretty far south.

Pepper's thoughts? "We are governed by idiots, remember?"

WHAT are they thinking?!?!


  1. Oh Fer Gawd's Sake (which was NOT my first exclamation when reading the link)! Thank The Deity At Hand this asinine idea originated with the Brits and not with us. That still doesn't let OUR idiots off the hook for not immediately dismissing this stupidity, coupled with vicious and merciless mocking of that Brit general.

    My $0.02.

  2. Okay, Moogie...when I read the piece you linked to, I thought it was a deal from The Onion or something. But, it looks like this is not some Saturday Night Live sketch, but the real deal.

    A medal for "restraint." I know that you are a lady, so I will not post on your blog what I am really wanting to write.

    Like Pepper said, ".....

  3. Hey Moogie! I came across this: