Monday, May 17, 2010

Memories and Plans

I just put my baby daughter on a plane back to Little Rock. She came for a quick visit while her sister honeymoons in Jamaica because her Mama was suffering from a mild bout of "family withdrawal." We shopped til we dropped, ate a lot, and drank a little too much. We talked about and planned for her wedding next June. (I'm really glad she's giving us a year for the bank account to recover!)

Now the house is awfully quiet and Bouie's pouting.

So, here are a few more wedding memories from last month:

I guess I did get teary-eyed a bit at first. Doesn't my grandson's expression look like he's escorting me to an execution! He took his duties very seriously (for the most part -- there is that communion wafer story!) and did a very good job. And we did manage to keep his little brother out of the baptismal font. Barely.

The bride's cake was not only beautiful, it tasted out of this world! I wish I had a piece right now. That's a little piece of lace from my wedding dress tucked into Shay's bouquet -- I used the time we were waiting for the emergency plumber to arrive to repair the exploded ballcock in the toilet the morning we were to depart for Little Rock to remove a lot of the lace. Now I'm all ready for next year's bouquet and have a brand new ballcock and shut-off valves. Indoors and out. Egad.

There's my big girl standing at a window in our front parlor with her dress all bustled up. Her friend took that shot on Halloween day before we headed down to the Quarter for her formal portrait shoot. I really need take some photography classes. Her formal portrait wound up being a shot taken in a French Quarter townhouse where a seriously gay realtor was holding an open house and thought it was just too perfect to have a "real bride" do a photo shoot in there on Halloween. He flung wide the door and hustled us inside. And it was a gorgeous place!

Little Rock hadn't seen many Second Line parades -- the band learned "When the Saints Come Marching In" and led the parade with brass blaring! We didn't actually throw the beads -- we just kinda handed a few out -- a personal injury lawsuit would put a damper on wedding memories, don't ya know. Tim was using the Second Line umbrella that his grandfather had given his grandmother shortly before his death. It was a nice family touch -- and, more importantly, it was in Saints colors (as was the groom's cake! That one was seriously chocolate -- made by one of Shay's friends -- whose apartment was flooded after the tornado hopped over it and dumped a gazillion inches of rain the night before the wedding).

Yep -- we had us some wedding adventures! Now if I can shed just 10 more pounds . . . .


  1. ALL y'all are lookin' good, Moogie. Thanks for sharing.

    (I know the "sharing" thing sounds trite and worked over... to death, actually... but I can't think of anything else that fits.)

  2. Moogie, that was beautiful! The bride was so gorgeous in that photo that it almost made me wish I'd have had a daughter.

    And, grandson is quite handsome...even if he is escorting a Grandma that I'm sure needed a fullbox of Kleenex.

    I know I would have.

    Sounds like the "weather wars" made for an interesting time. Those kids will remember all of that. I know that Pam and I hellacious storm the day we tied the knot, and we always laugh big about it now.

    Thanks for giving us the "low down" on the blessed event.

    That was really cool. And, I'm glad I never had a daughter. I would be a blubbering piece of jellyfish snot.

  3. Love these pics. I didn't know Will walked down with you and Steve. I was in the back trying to round up the little ones. I know you are so proud.

  4. What memories you have!!! Sounds like everyone must have had a great time! I love that you brought the New Orleans flavor up to Little Rock. What fun!