Sunday, May 2, 2010

S.O.S. -- Politicians Converge on Southeast Louisiana

Tomorrow begins a new thread in the City of New Orleans' mayoral tapestry when Mitch Landrieu is sworn in as Ray "Chocolate City - Vagina Friendly" Nagin's successor.

Let's see -- Landrieu sports a modicum of noggin hair; Nagin is shiny-shaved.

Landrieu has a sister currently serving in the U.S. Senate; Nagin has a son who was busted in NYC for credit card fraud a few years back. (I'm not sure which would be the worse relative to have -- at least Nagin's son owned up to his thievery).

Landrieu is a career politician who hails from a family of career politicians; Nagin came up through the ranks of the corporate world with, some suggest, a little help from friends in affirmative action. (I'm not sure which is the worse background).

I'm betting the hair thing will tell. It's the only real difference with distinction between the two that I can ascertain.

Now this:

is taking place this afternoon near the Gulf Coast as the powers that be confer on the BP Oil Rig disaster. I'm thinking they'll get along like oil and water.

Sorry -- I can only take one disaster at a time.

Go, Bobby Jindal, go!

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  1. I'm not sure which is the worse background

    Hard to choose, I admit. But I'm thinkin' coming from a family of professional prostitutes might be the worst. Just sayin'.