Sunday, May 16, 2010

Strange Politics in Arkansas

So, Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln is cozying up to the Young President in her struggling campaign to win the upcoming Democratic primary, even though he got slammed there in the 2008 election. An article in today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette suggests she's using this tactic in an effort to woo black voters who, according to the article, apparently still believe he can walk on water because he's half-black.

But, the Prez has reportedly written Blanche off as dead in the election waters. Hmmm.

The Demo-zette article also notes that several Unions, including the infamous SEIU, have paid for ads attacking Lincoln -- especially her disagreements with the Young President -- on several issues. Of course, Arkansas is a "Right-to-work" state and unions hold a less than favorable place in the hearts of most Arkansas voters.

Politics and strange bedfellows indeed.

The Chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party is quoted as saying, “It’s odd that our embattled Senator Lincoln would seek the endorsement of a president whose popularity in Arkansas is lower than hers." He also noted that Obama’s endorsement “proves that President Obama desperately needs her party vote to push forth his radical, liberal agenda."

Sounds like a couple of "duh!" moments to me.

That's shaping up to be one interesting election.

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  1. Sounds to me like Blanche has a good ol' fashioned death wish.