Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Causeway Rules!

In 1956, the Causeway Bridge was officially opened -- a 23.83 mile-long span that traverses Lake Pontchartrain from Metairie to Mandeville.  It was expanded to 4 lanes in 1969, as pictured in the lower photo above.  It's the world's longest over-water bridge. 

But now some Chinese dudes claim to have built a longer bridge in Qingdao -- some 26 miles long. 

Those cheating cheater Chinese!  Their Jiaozhou Bridge doesn't go in a straight line and some of its span is not over open water!  Even if it a kinda prettier bridge, it's still a cheater.

Cheating cheaters.

They do plan eventually to implement a toll to cross the bridge, akin to the Causeway, which charges $3.00 to come into the City. Both Greater New Orleans toll bridges let you leave the city for free, but you gotta ante up if you want to come in. No tickee -- no Bourbon Street.  I'm not sure what the reward will be after the Cheaters pay the toll to get into Qingdao, but it can't be better than the French Quarter, the New Orleans Museum of Art, Saints football, the Garden District, St. Charles Avenue, or beignets!

Our Causeway General Manager isn't giving up the longest bridge title just yet without a fight, calling the Cheating Cheater Chinese "wannabes."  This wouldn't be the first time someone tried to emulate and surpass good ol' American ingenuity and came up short.  Nor will it be the last. 

I just dare 'em to make a better gumbo or crawfish bread, though.  C'mon, Cheating Cheaters, bring it!


  1. ...but it can't be better than...

    Don't forget the Acme Oyster Bar. And the Jazz Festival.

    Apropos o' everything... do you ever hold your breath on the causeway at night? When I was down in that part o' the world it seemed like a barge knocked a span out once a year or so. I remember one Sunday night I rode across it on my bike after a typically fun weekend and thought that freakin' bridge would NEVER end...

    You piqued my curiosity and I HAD to go look at Qingdao on the The Wiki. It's also known as Tsingtao, nuff said? ;-)

  2. I should be ashamed that I omitted Jazzfest, Buck! I'll give you Acme, but I'd probably go across the street to Felix's -- food's just as good, but the lines are practically non-existent!

  3. I'd probably go across the street to Felix's...

    Which is the difference between a local and a tourist. That said, I stumbled into the Acme on my first trip to N'Awlins back in '64 and it was a walk-right-up, sit-right-down proposition. NO waiting at all... and the source of some of my fondest memories from that time.

  4. And hey, don't forget "Southern Decadence." That's one of my favorite Crescent City festivals.


    26 miles is a long way to drive, but I understand they have several bitchin' dog restaurants in Qingdao.


  5. Ah, yes, Decadence -- where one can see much more of the male anatomy than one ever dreamed existed. In feathers!

    I'm choosing not to think about dog restaurants.