Thursday, July 21, 2011

Common Sense Isn't Dead Yet!

Photo from Times-Pic
The Benedictine Monks are doing a happy dance -- they'll be able to continue their casket business!

I love it!  This afternoon, Federal District Judge Stanwood R. Duval, Jr., (how's that for a southern name!) ruled that the Louisiana embalming and funeral directors statute administered by the State Funeral Board is nothing more than unconstitutional protectionism of the funeral industry!

I mean, seriously -- threatening to jail a bunch of monks for making and selling simple wood caskets?!?!  Stevie Wonder, and our little Rosie, could see through that protectionist scheme. 

Of course, the Funeral Board plans to appeal, claiming there is an adequate rational basis for the law.  Rational from their business perspective, perhaps.  But rational in the real world?  Not a chance.  Let's hope the Fifth Circuit doesn't buy their argument that the law is designed to protect consumers.

It  looks like the monks can put that casket for Common Sense (and the Constitution) back into storage -- for awhile, at least.  Happy Day!!


  1. Nice. Every once in a while something comes down the pike that renews my faith, and this is one such item.

  2. Isn't it, though. *big smile*

  3. When a friend in NM died a few years ago, a neighbor made a wooden coffin, lined it with new horse blankets and they dug a hole with a back-hole in a local cemetery - all in one day - and buried my friend. But I would think that the climate and such would make a difference in what you could do.

  4. Yeah, Lou, climate down here definitely plays a role down here, and probably should from a public health perspective. But this stuff was just crazy over the top.

  5. Moogie, that casket thing has always chapped my backside. I'm glad that SOMEBODY finally challenged it, and won.

    What a racket!

    Online casket sales should soar.