Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home: Improvement and Invasion

As revealed here in an earlier post, we did indeed celebrate Bastille Day at Moogie's Mansion by accepting delivery of a new, fancy mattress.  We were way overdue -- both of our backs had been talking to us for quite awhile.  As Pepper observed, our old mattress held up really well for 10 years -- too bad it was 11 years old.

So, I was very excited to get the new one set up (the delivery guys left the house just as the rain began to fall), with its high-falutin' bedbug-proof, allergen-free, waterproof cover.  Bouie was neither excited nor happy because he had to be locked in the tv room while the delivery guys were here -- he was acting just a little too "interested" (read: he had entered a not hump-free zone) and "helpful" (read: he needed to see every little thing and inspect every little movement).  Being all caught up in Bouie and getting the zippered cover fitted correctly, I failed to notice how much higher the surface of the mattress was than our old one's.

The dang bed is now taller than more than half of me!

No way are my feet going to reach the floor when I try to get out of bed.  I felt kinda like a 5 year-old sitting on a chair designed for the "big and tall," swinging my legs.

There's not enough room on my side of the bed for me to be able to use one of those pet steps designed to enable older, short critters to get up onto the furniture.

So, I went upstairs and grabbed Elder Daughter's step-stool from college.

So, now, instead of feeling like that 5 year-old, I feel more like a toddler bellying up to the bathroom sink to brush her teeth.  Or a sorority girl.  On second thought, I don't think I have nearly enough energy to be a toddler.  And I certainly don't have enough energy to be a sorority girl; I barely did the first time around.  So, I suppose I'll just feel short.

*Sigh*  At least the new mattress is really comfy.  Once I manage to get up on it.  And I hardly need to bend over at all to change the linens! 

One strange thing, though, leads me to believe that the fancy cover wasn't made here in the good ol' U.S. of A. -- this advisory label that lets you know which end goes where:

There's the same label on both ends.  I'm not quite sure what to make of that.

And, speaking of lizards -- I went into the kitchen earlier today to put some thing in the sink and this is what I found!

It was a tiny little thing and it didn't seem to be very frightened of me.

It seemed to prefer red wine to coffee, however.

Pepper invited it to go back outdoors.  We really don't need any new pets around here right now.  I'm too busy adjusting to a new mattress.


  1. So, now, instead of feeling like that 5 year-old, I feel more like a toddler bellying up to the bathroom sink to brush her teeth.

    Or royalty. I seem to remember a step-stool beside Josephine's bed when I toured Fontainebleau. Those are some artfully taken images, too.

    Check your mail.

  2. I had one of those beds, too. I started in the kitchen to get a running jump...